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  1. They’re so weird when they deal with multi-generational talent. Like they know they can use Rex as an advertisement for his Dad’s matches on the Network, right? Wanna see who his Dad was? Go to the Network.
  2. Having seen the new presentation, it’s not my thing. I prefer something closer to the old aesthetic. That said, the reason they made the change (and several others) seems to be due the lack of growth NXT experienced after they moved to Tuesdays. All the other wrestling shows have seen increased ratings except NXT. So the powers-that-be saw NXT wasn’t performing like they wanted and decided to make some changes to gain a wider (younger) audience.
  3. Man, those Creed bros… What a great start for them. Diamond Mine is back on track with them. And that new female is a plus, too. She’s got a great look. Please keep this going. Don’t understand why they had LA Knight lose twice in one night. Why they gotta do that to my guy?
  4. Thought it was stupid how they had Von Wagner enter into the match but watching him, I gotta admit… he ain’t bad. He actually held his own. Ciampa as the champ, I dig.
  5. Not bad. I like the harder edge.
  6. Oh boy, I hope Cortez has improved since we last saw her.
  7. BTW NXT 2.0 is a dumb name. It’s not needed.
  8. Good. Give Imperium those wins.
  9. Yeah. But it also reminds me of studio wrestling from the territory days.
  10. I wish he had the Steiner name. Don’t hide it, embrace it. But good match. I liked what I saw.
  11. Oh yes, I would. lol This just ain’t my booking style. I’m not a “moments” guy. In wrestling, I like carefully crafted storylines that have strong, purposeful builds. They were on the right path with Big E about a year ago but then WWE lost their way during his IC title reign by staying with the Apollo feud for far too long. He needed more challengers, more wins. Then he won MITB but they didn’t have him do anything really significant. He was just floating around, barely being booked in matches. So if they had been using him, gave him strong wins, and booked him in important feuds, I would probably be all for it. But they didn’t do that. And while I’m happy that this moment carries a lot meaning for him and others, I just wish they had done more work in preparing for on TV cause it would have made the moment even stronger.
  12. We have a difference in opinion then. Balor is not the guy to beat Roman. I don’t think he should be losing the belt anytime soon to anybody. I like long championship reigns with strong champions. At the same time, Balor being booked in this position in his recent return I think will elevate him and re-establish his standing on the card as a top talent, which like I said, I don’t think is a bad position to be in. As for feuds, without looking at the roster, there’s guys like Otis, Gable, Priest, Kross, Morrison, Lee, Riddle, and Edge that could deliver fresh, main roster match-ups for Balor in the future, so I disagree that there isn’t much new for him to do.
  13. Yeah, I guess in terms of card position. Just about. Maybe a notch or two higher. I don’t think that’s a bad position to be in.
  14. Be featured a lot and win feuds. And yeah, there’s a draft coming up, so who knows what roster he’ll be on.
  15. Same. I don’t like cash-ins anymore, especially for babyfaces. From a booking perspective, I also didn’t see Big E being the guy beating Lashley. They didn’t build him up enough to feel like a main eventer. It’s called hotshotting. Unfortunately it’s been like that everywhere lately.
  16. When’s the last time a guy dropped a title belt through a worked injury? In what sense would that make? If you want the guy not champion then have him put your next champion over by losing to him in a match. So it’s highly unlikely that it’s a work.
  17. Just make the upcoming four-way for the title. This is such a bummer, though. I was really looking forward to his title run.
  18. Closing upon request. Paperchase, if you continue to be rude and disparaging, disciplinary action would need to be taken, so I would stop if I were you.
  19. I wouldn’t say the momentum is dead dead but they would have to rebuild it which would take some time imo. Perhaps Revolution is when it could happen.
  20. I disagree. It’s one of those feuds that if booked a certain way could still give credibility to Balor even with a loss. It’s a good thing that he’s mingling with guys in the main event scene. Plus, it’s fresh and I’m not going to make a stink over WWE doing something fresh.
  21. That’s how it’s usually spelled…
  22. PaperThinWalls

    WWE Drama

    SD isn’t considered the B brand, especially in kayfabe. That show has WWE’s biggest stars and highest viewership. What an outdated thing to say. I don’t see what a promotion’s momentum has to do with an individual’s kayfabe ranking. If business and financial shit is factored in, then Roman is doing just fine in that department. Omega did have multiple world titles. That gives him an edge there. Roman has headlined as much, if not more PPVs as Omega, so I wouldn’t give Omega the advantage there. So that brings back me to their opponents. Who have they beaten? Belts matter and all but at same time for this list you gotta look at who they fought and beat. And I looked and in my view, in the world of kayfabe, Roman has fought more accomplished names. In terms of the caliber of his opponents, it’s not even close. So I don’t understand why this list didn’t seem to reflect that. Only thing I can think of that that would affect their positioning is how they won their matches. But even that I feel is close because both won in underhanded, dirty ways, too. So idk. lol
  23. PaperThinWalls

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, I think Roman is a sharper, more inspired worker whose style grabs me more. I don't think either are the best, though but that's neither here nor there...
  24. PaperThinWalls

    WWE Drama

    Remember it's a kayfabe list. So it's based on their kayfabe accomplishments. But I'm with you, I think Roman is a better wrestler than Omega. No question.
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