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  1. There is a formula...1st post.
  2. The stuff in red looks like lines. Now that I look at it, maybe make the nose part alittle smaller. Here's a pic of the mask somone made for Day Reckoning 2. Maybe this can help you out. It's a nice, clear, and simplify pic of the mask. http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/4062/mortismaskpf5.jpg
  3. The mask still doesn't look right. The eye makeup is off. It's not thin, it should look like a circle. The skull part looks good, but I don't like how you use the lines on it. The ribbcage looks small and doesn't have that rising effect (but there's not much you can do about that.) So maybe bring the whole ribbcage part up alittle. Btw your pics are too big, so they are hard to see. You should resize them.
  4. The mask looks like La Parkas at the moment, but like you said you're updating it. He looks beefed up. I also think you can do better with the ribbcage part since there's 64 layers.
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