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  1. They shouldn't have done a humiliation angle with Toni when she has yet to be established on the main roster. She should be wrestling tonight, too, so she can distance herself from that angle.
  2. Forgot to mention on here how much I liked that Edge/Miz promo segment on RAW. One of the best this year.
  3. Brock can really carry himself on the mic now.
  4. The four most talented men in WWE will be sharing the same segment tonight. This is monumental.
  5. PaperThinWalls

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, I was watching all of that. I’m not saying some of that was not entertaining, it just wasn’t the most entertaining stuff at the time. This is around the same period as Jericho/KO, Roman/Joe, and Strowman at his peak, no? So I’d take those over the CW stuff right off the bat and I’m sure there’s more, too, if I look it up.
  6. PaperThinWalls

    WWE Drama

    Strong is the champ and he’ll be defending it on PPV Sunday. His feud with KUSHIDA a few months ago wasn’t too bad. CW division was never the most entertaining thing in WWE, sorry. lol
  7. Cody doing an unnecessary stunt for a feud that didn’t call for it. Also it was stupid that Cody took the brunt of that spot even though it was meant to damage Andrade more.
  8. Even though I liked last week’s segment, people overrated it. It was a great segment, but I didn’t think it was a classic like some people make it out to be. I thought Bryan’s promo segment in that same episode was better.
  9. I wonder if she’ll make periodic returns to the ring for short programs like Lesnar or Edge? She’s was an ok commentator. Nothing spectacular but nothing offensively bad either. She got better as she went on. I still miss the Nigel/Mauro days, though.
  10. I hope it’s not that. Sounds like a derivative of The Fiend, which I grew to really dislike. Too hokey to me.
  11. I gotta say, I was not a fan of that Punk/MJF segment this week. MJF was too schticky (PG Punk is a lame insult, threatening to kill his dog) and Punk’s stuff was flat (the Larry David joke).
  12. Bryan never lies. Always the truth teller.
  13. Oh wow, look at that. I won again. Heh. Heh.
  14. Babyfaces cheering for a despicable heel. Ok. Need more emotion. That was wooden.
  15. Oh joy, a ladder match! It’s been so long since we’ve gotten one of these! A whole month!
  16. PaperThinWalls

    WWE Drama

    I still wonder if that manager story was distorted. I don’t buy that buy that being the direction they were going to go with Cole.
  17. Yup, that's coward shit. Bryan calling it like it is.
  18. Yup. They really forced this one.
  19. They were right to have Hardy go this far in this match. The guy is super over. Good on them.
  20. Battle Royal - Omos First eliminated - Gulak Final four - Omos, AJ Styles, Cesaro, Zayn Most eliminations - Omos RK-Bro Priest Roman Reigns Becky Lynch Women's - Team RAW Eliminations: Carmella > Nattie > Shayna > Zelina > Liv > Storm > Shotzi > Sasha Survivor(s): Bianca & Rhea Men's - Team SD Eliminations: Hardy > Corbin > Theory > Sheamus > Balor > Owens > Rollins > Woods > Lashley Survivor(s): Drew
  21. They lost the plot with this match. That table spot and them staying outside as long as they did was unnecessary and just halted the match for me.
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