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  1. I wanted to revive this one and ask if someone could edit this photo (below) changing it from 'Est. 2018' to 'Est. 1994' and making it a render.
  2. Bump in case it got lost under the last one.
  3. So, quick question. Does anyone have a face texture for Justin Gabriel before he had a beard like when he was on season 1 of NXT as well as a Ted Dibiase Jr face texture?
  4. Have you guys seen the roster? The thing is majorly majorly stacked. 'Sick' Nick Mondo Jeff Cobb Konnor & Viktor of the Ascension Solo Darling Chris Van Vliet Cryme Tyme My Future Wifey Ivelisse Velez Former AEW Star 'Smiley' Kylie Rae Brian Hebner The World's Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock Kevin Kiley aka Alex Riley Kenny King One Half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions The Octopus Jonathan Gresham The Bouncers Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas The Former Bull Dempsey now Bull James Fallah Bahh Kongo Kong Caprice Coleman The Machine Brian Cage Matt Sydal The Roster looks majorly stacked. There were a few I had left off because I had no idea who they were.
  5. Anyone know how to fix the glitch where if you play with your Created Wrestler in the match, it starts you with like a small sliver of red health but still runs fine?
  6. Yo, Foldy coming in clutch. Thank you so much for this. This is dope as all hell. Thank you for this as well. This is straight awesome. Thank you once again.
  7. I think my wishlish is that the game actually phacking works. If I had to actually ask for something new in 2K21, I'd say unlike 2K19 & 2K20, when they call it a "MyCareer" make it actually a MyCareer. Allow me to go after my own titles, my own stables. If I want to join U.E. let me, if I want to join New Day, let me. These BS "MyCareers" where you follow a Buzz from 2K19 or Red & Tre from 2K20. If you are going to let me have a story out of it, don't make it so phacking cookie cutter. I'm not saying I don't want a story, I'm saying don't call it a MyCareer if its like NBA's Prelude thingy.
  8. Hangman Rolling Cutter
  9. Thank you for the PPE logo. I greatly appreciate it.
  10. If its not too much trouble, could someone help me out with a render/png of Kevin Steen/Owens old shirt logo. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1e/4f/08/1e4f0881274d7bce7c76dd37cae47f00.png This one as well as a render and edit of this one https://www.prowrestlingtees.com/pub/media/catalog/product/cache/image/500x500/e9c3970ab036de70892d86c6d221abfe/l/e/lethal9050-9637.png But instead of "Jay Lethal" change it to "Jeremy Baltimore" the "Elizabeth, NJ" to "Washington DC" and the "Lethal Injection" to "Moment of Silence" I would greatly appreciate the help.
  11. Where does it say you need to pay 14.99 for the pack? Because usually the price is still displayed in the PS Store. When you click on it, it should just say "Install" or something like that. There are no tricks behind buying DLC packs For some odd reason, when I go to it on the Microsoft Store, it doesn't say install, it says 14.99. I entered the code when the game fully installed as it said it would be available on the 28th but when I went to preview it last night, it acted as if I never entered the code to begin with.
  12. This might be a me thing more so, but upon buying the game as a pre-order gamestop gave me a pre-order code and upon it finally downloading a day later, I put the code in to unlock the BITN DLC. However, it told me that it would be unlocked on the 28th. 28th rolls around and its not unlocked for me and its telling me I now have to spend 14.99 for the BITN pack when I had the code entered upon the game installing. So, was I suppose to wait until the DLC Pack released or could I have entered it whenever?
  13. Is anyone else having trouble with the non Roman/Womens Revolution Towers? Like, I'll edit Buddy Murphy's moveset giving him the Kamigoye and Pumphandle Neckbreaker as Signatures and switching out the Deadlift Yokosuka Cutter for the Multiple Powerbombs but when I go back into the matches to play, its the same default moveset.
  14. Yes, it turned off for me for no reason.
  15. CHAMPIONS WWE Universal Champion: Drew McIntyre WWE United States Champion: Andrade WWE RAW Tag Team Champions: Vacant (Former Champion B-Team moved to SD) WWE RAW Womens Champion: Vacant (Former Champion Ruby Riott currently injured) CHAMPIONS WWE Champion: Vacant (Former Champion Tye Dillinger/Shawn Spears) WWE Intercontinental Champion; Vacant (Former Champion Bobby Lashley traded to RAW) WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Vacant (Former Champions The Colons) WWE SmackDown Womens Champion: Lana CHAMPIONS NXT Champion: Pete Dunne NXT North American Champion: Velveteen Dream NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Oney Lorcan NXT Tag Team Champions: Vacant (Former Champions; Street Profits traded to RAW) NXT Womens Champion: Vacant (Former Champion Kairi Sane traded to RAW)
  16. So, I was playing 2K20 early this morning setting up my universe as I normally do. And one of my first matches was Erik Rowan vs Mojo Rawley. Rowan won of course but, during the replay at the end of the match, I noticed a little something odd. And ladies and gentlemen... may I present WWE 2K20: Matrix Edition.
  17. Anyone else getting this one? So, if you edit the titles and switch the holder and put the new holder in the match, the graphics show they hold the belt, but the belt doesn't appear during the entrance. I played a match yesterday prior to NXT actually airing of Roderick Strong as NXT North American Champion vs Keith Lee. The game announced Strong as the NXT North American Champion but the NXT North American Championship apparently has the power to turn invisible because when it came to the pre match showing, the title magically appeared. Same with Universe Mode. Andrade is my United States Champion but the title never showed up during his entrance at all but the graphics kind of did. The red border didn't but the white text and belt graphic showed. I'll post more crappy graphics as I find them.
  18. Please leave the garbage of CAF in the past. People abused the crap out of it making the absolute worst things imaginable. It was like 12 nut shots followed by a thumb to the eye and then another nut shot. We don't need that headache/garbage again. Unless they could rework it where it didn't allow the same move more than 2-3 times.
  19. I thought of five or six new ones they could add or tweak since these have been bugging me for years now. 1. Instead of the crappy generic themes they have like Bodybuilder and Evil Hero. How about giving us themes for characters that were done by CFO$ but the person doesn't use it anymore. Like Mass Appeal which was Sami Callihan's theme before they released him from NXT, Titus O'Neil's theme when he was heel Let Me Show You How, Chrome Hearts which was DIY's theme. I would love to have a CAW come out to Let Me Show You How. 2. If we do get a continuation of the MyCareer from 2K19, please let it be more user oriented or at least somewhat more original. I would have loved to have had the chance to gun for the NXT North American Championship. I would love to see them merge the kind of grinding from 15, 16, and 17 with a genuine story like 19 where we'd actually have a career that has us capturing every championship we want instead of just the WWE, Universal, US, and IC. 3. Please dump the loot boxes or card packs or whatever and allow us to try our hands out at something new. How about have it where if we want to do regular moves that's fine but for user specific finishers, we learn them from the person themselves. Like in Sunset Overdrive or Rage 2 where when we get a new weapon, its the chance to try out the weapon and see what it could do. Imagine learning the RKO from Randy Orton himself or the Sharpshooter from Bret Hart. 4. Can we please get better commentary? I understand that a lot of the close to hundreds of hours of commentary is for the Showcase or MyCareer but matches are boring when its the same lame as hell calls every freaking time. You miss a top rope or middle rope move and we hear the same "and unfortunately for him, there was no water in the pool" "And he missed that one. The sun must have been in his eyes." 5. And while I'm on the subject of commentary (more so personal now), could I please get my last name back as a call name? Baltimore is my last name yet it was in for 2K15 and then they removed it ever since yet Kazarian is in, and so many other random aberrations. So Baltimore didn't make the cut but all the Ballesca, Balousek, and Bannons really deserve the spot over Baltimore. To make matters worse, I can't have Baltimore as my last name, but Baltimore is in the game under cities, its not like you can't pronounce it, why not put it back?
  20. You know what would be hella dope to see? I would love to see them allow videos or gifs to be uploaded to CC. Like if you wanted to make up to date titantrons or minitrons, that would be awesome as hell to see.
  21. Less Legends, More Current Day people. (I have nothing against legends but come on. I mean, if you are really going to include legends, don't render a whole model for an old attire, just make it an alternative attire. More DL in CC. I know there is a glitch on CC this year with unlimited downloads... but come on, give us 50 downloads in CC or something like that. Give us more creative freedom in mycareer. I know its suppose to be a career mode but come the phack on. If I want to join NXT and join Undisputed Era or Street Profits or New Day or something, give me the creative freedom to make my own career and do my own thing. I want to be able to form tag teams, start rivalries, start feuds, create stables and have my own custom career, everyone's career should not be the same boring ass linear story, that sucks ass and everyone on this site knows it. STOP MAKING THE PHACKING ALTERNATE ATTIRES AS CAW SLOTS. That is my biggest annoyance. Custom Attires should NOT count as a custom character. + Might added/edit more.
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