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  1. A few more of them... - Bayley's Rose Plant (Unsure if anyone said this) - Tony Nese's Outside In Rope Hung Springboard Body Splash - Wardlow's F10 - Chris Jericho's Judas Effect (Better Animation) - Deonna Purazzo's Venus D'Milo (Double Fujiwara Armbar) - Shane Strickland/Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott's Armbreaker thing from the indies. - Bandido's 21-Plex (Joint is dope) - Private Party's Gin & Juice or Silly String - Braun Strowman's thing of him running around the ring and knocking people into the barricade or into things.
  2. I doubt I'd buy 2K22 after the list of firings that they just did as I don't want anything to do with WWE atcm. However, if I did get the game, there are a few moves I'd love to see added in if they could be. - Angel Garza'sWing Clipper/Rosemary's As Above - Matt Sydal's Spinning Leghook Driver that he did in Impact and later AEW - Pride n Powerful (Santana & Ortiz)'s Street Sweeper - Lucha Brother's Package Piledriver/Diving Double Stomp Combo - Fenix's Muscle Buster Driver - Chris Bey's Final Finesse Springboard Cutter - Willie Mack's Senton into a Moonsault Combo - Alex Shelley's Skull F*ck Finisher - Will Ospreay's Hidden Blade Elbow Strike - Pete Dunne's Finger Snap/Joint Manipulation - Kyle O'Reilly's Diving Knee Drop - Kenny Omega's Snap Dragon Suplex - Moose's Light Out Spear (Similar to Lashley's Flipping Spear however Moose doesn't roll through) - Moose's Go to Hell Top Rope Sitout Spinebuster - Wardlow's Top Rope Dropping Knee Strike (That move looks brutal as hell)
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