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  1. I'm hoping so many things get added and removed from 2K22 that its not funny. I hope the legends that no one play as i.e. the ones that aren't the well known and loved ones like Rock & Austin aren't in or even just keep the legend pool small like they did with the previous few SVR games where there were maybe 10-12 of them of the well known variety. I'm hoping more NXT & NXT UK Talent are included. Talent that were left out for no logical reason from Cutler & Blake to Aliyah and that the NXT UK Womens & Tag Team Championships are finally added. Lets hope they return to the previous model for DLC where we get 2-3 character packs that include moves that will actually get used along with a new moves pack over those garbage "WWE Originals" that were complete and total @$$ and we know that that means. I want the WWE Games to succeed as they are one of the reasons I spent 300+ bucks on a damn PS4 or XB1 but after this game, they have no excuse for 2K22 being terrible as they have about an extra year to make it right.
  2. Have you guys seen the roster? The thing is majorly majorly stacked.
  3. Anyone know how to fix the glitch where if you play with your Created Wrestler in the match, it starts you with like a small sliver of red health but still runs fine?
  4. Where does it say you need to pay 14.99 for the pack? Because usually the price is still displayed in the PS Store. When you click on it, it should just say "Install" or something like that. There are no tricks behind buying DLC packs For some odd reason, when I go to it on the Microsoft Store, it doesn't say install, it says 14.99. I entered the code when the game fully installed as it said it would be available on the 28th but when I went to preview it last night, it acted as if I never entered the code to begin with.
  5. This might be a me thing more so, but upon buying the game as a pre-order gamestop gave me a pre-order code and upon it finally downloading a day later, I put the code in to unlock the BITN DLC. However, it told me that it would be unlocked on the 28th. 28th rolls around and its not unlocked for me and its telling me I now have to spend 14.99 for the BITN pack when I had the code entered upon the game installing. So, was I suppose to wait until the DLC Pack released or could I have entered it whenever?
  6. Is anyone else having trouble with the non Roman/Womens Revolution Towers? Like, I'll edit Buddy Murphy's moveset giving him the Kamigoye and Pumphandle Neckbreaker as Signatures and switching out the Deadlift Yokosuka Cutter for the Multiple Powerbombs but when I go back into the matches to play, its the same default moveset.
  7. Yes, it turned off for me for no reason.
  8. CHAMPIONS WWE Universal Champion: Drew McIntyre WWE United States Champion: Andrade WWE RAW Tag Team Champions: Vacant (Former Champion B-Team moved to SD) WWE RAW Womens Champion: Vacant (Former Champion Ruby Riott currently injured) CHAMPIONS WWE Champion: Vacant (Former Champion Tye Dillinger/Shawn Spears) WWE Intercontinental Champion; Vacant (Former Champion Bobby Lashley traded to RAW) WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Vacant (Former Champions The Colons) WWE SmackDown Womens Champion: Lana CHAMPIONS NXT Champion: Pete Dunne NXT North American Champion: Velveteen Dream NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Oney Lorcan NXT Tag Team Champions: Vacant (Former Champions; Street Profits traded to RAW) NXT Womens Champion: Vacant (Former Champion Kairi Sane traded to RAW)
  9. So, I was playing 2K20 early this morning setting up my universe as I normally do. And one of my first matches was Erik Rowan vs Mojo Rawley. Rowan won of course but, during the replay at the end of the match, I noticed a little something odd. And ladies and gentlemen... may I present WWE 2K20: Matrix Edition.
  10. Anyone else getting this one? So, if you edit the titles and switch the holder and put the new holder in the match, the graphics show they hold the belt, but the belt doesn't appear during the entrance. I played a match yesterday prior to NXT actually airing of Roderick Strong as NXT North American Champion vs Keith Lee. The game announced Strong as the NXT North American Champion but the NXT North American Championship apparently has the power to turn invisible because when it came to the pre match showing, the title magically appeared. Same with Universe Mode. Andrade is my United States Champion but the title never showed up during his entrance at all but the graphics kind of did. The red border didn't but the white text and belt graphic showed. I'll post more crappy graphics as I find them.
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