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    My main favorite is Metal but I love all sorts of music
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  1. I keep checking when this post gets bumped, and yup, same ol ''Im not uploading them''. Womp womp
  2. Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho Kenny Omega defeats Jericho with the One Winged Angel
  3. I die a little inside that I can't get that Hayabusa
  4. Can people put on the option of ''No re-uploads''?, doesnt that stop theft?
  5. Its damn good. The best of the 2K series so far. They did a lot of improving.
  6. Is Hernandez Border toss in the game or do I have to wonder for the moves pack?
  7. No there notOnly not really major just annoying problem,is the getting,tangle in the ropes problem Damn it. I love this face paint I have on my my career caw
  8. Any news on the items unlocked in Mycareer if they are available outside of that mode? Theres some cool pieces I want to use on some other caws
  9. The image uploader keeps showing the image broken icon, is this an issue or will the images still be uploaded?
  10. I sold the QR codes ALONE for 107$ on ebay another 57$ for the funko another 32$ for the hall of fame ring and another 30 for the Robe plaque... And Im keeping the Game and season pass....I made like 100$ profit. Dont give them away folks, its worth some cash
  11. I swear, it seems like the ''four days early'' gimmick is for us to be damn play testers....
  12. This is disappointing if true, but not a deal breaker, that theme is just annoying
  13. Does Shinsuke have his original theme as well, or only the new one with the lyrics?
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