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  1. WTF Joe is gone hope he goes to AEW And becomes the Machine he once was and shows wwe what there missing nero
  2. Who is this I recognise her from somewhere and I dont know were and it is driving me crazy Nero
  3. Yeah same here watch the Lillian Garcia podcast on the network felt really sorry for her glad to see that she kept going and dindt let it pull her down and let them win A**eholes Nero
  4. Settle a argument between me and my bro who is this? Nero
  5. Who is this i recognise her from somewhere but dont know where and it is driving me insane Nero
  6. I might actually get a few of these expecially the Monday night Messiah Nero
  7. WWE also release Luke Harper WWE has come to terms on the releases of Jonathan Huber (Luke Harper) and Sin Cara. WWE wishes them all the best in their future endeavors From WWE.Com Nero
  8. I have just found another glitch that I ain't seen mentioned before it is only a small one but a glitch never the less (May be a reason in the story line but ain't finished it) Look at the name of the HOF Attire Nero
  9. From 2k20's official twitter Nero
  10. I have had this game since it was released on Tuesday, and yes I have saw a lot of these bugs & glitches including using Jeff Hardy's Arm bands (Over the moon there in this year) on my CAW and for one of them becoming totally stupid looking looks like the Terminator arm, Created wrestlers being named the same as the first one created in universe mode. But in certain ways I don't think it is as bad as people are making on I am on PC Xbox and PS4 and on the PC I have completed one of the towers (Forgot which one but it was a lights out Woman's Tower) and had no glitches I have completed a MMC with Sasha Banks(Current) and Mark Andrews winning in the end, and also had numerous one on ones and Tag Matches and they was only minimum glitches, The main one that glitched for me was a Tag team Tournament Mustache Mountain went for the NXT Tag titles (Old School) and won the tournament, But after the Final match it changed MM Route to the final to Stone Cold and The Rock and made me defend the titles against a team that wasn't pictured so I played the match it turned out to be Baron Corbin and Drew Mcintyre so I defeated them and then thought it would be over after that and it did the same so I cancelled the tournament Over all Yes this game has a lot of Bugs and Glitches but I think it has a good base and if they could patch some of the glitches would have a really good game Over all please remember this is my opinion ! Nero
  11. I have lost 7 stone 3 pounds since January ! making a total of 101 pounds Nero
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