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  1. No pics I'm afraid. I wasn't aware there was an old one?
  2. Any updates to this project so far? Have a Lucha Save in the meantime. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zm0mb1g4e5a3klo/52036_16216_SmackDown_.max 1. El Santo 2. Blue Demon 3. Atlantis 4. Rey Bucanero 5. Lizmark 6. El Felino 7. El Canek 8. Norman Smiley 9. Konnan 10. Ken Kennedy 11. Gronda 12. Juventud Guerrera 13. El Solitario 14. Hector Garza 15. Heavy Metal 16. Psychosis 17. Dr. X 18. Tinieblas 19. Sicodelico 20. Villano III 21. Mistico 22. Black Warrior 23. Essa Rios 24. Vampiro 25. Shocker 26. Ultimo Guerrero 27. Dos Caras Jr. 28. Black Tiger III 29. Halloween 30. Fishman 31. Black Abyss 32. Black Hand
  3. Sweet. I have a Josh Barnett base formula if you decide to use him: 01 SKIN 1(-93,10)(-7) 02 FACE 20,10 HEAD (0,0) EYEBROW (20,20) EYES (5,-10)(-10,-50) NOSE (-10,0)(-15,-30) CHEEK (20) MOUTH (0,15)(-75) JAW (-20,20)(0) 03 EYES 32(14,20)(-25) 04 EYEBROWS 11(-76,45)(-50) 05 LIPS - 06 HAIR 16(-75,75)(-5) 07 UNDERWEAR- 08 SIGN 1/7 "("(-96,29)(-50)(100) 09 SIGN 1/7 ","(-96,0)(-45)(50) 10 SIGN 1/7 ","(-96,0)(-45)(50) https://s28.postimg.org/weeqb0431/josh_caw01.jpg BODY MORPHING 50,10 FORM HEAD (-28,-35)(-6) NECK (64,64)(-86) CHEST (17,-25)(5) SHOULDER (-45,19)(-16) ABDOMEN (51,-2)(-14) ARMS (27,7)(-42) FOREARMS (-13,-5) HANDS (21,18)(-37) WAIST (2,-8) THIGH (-5,4) LEGS (-17,-15)(-6) FEET (-29,-7)(-35) HEIGHT 6'4''
  4. Yeah something close to Hunter's WWF debut, with those oval patterns on black pants that he used to wear. I had a go at doing heel Crush, myself using MagnusD's outfit, which is a bit of a cheat admittedly, like his heel Hasbro figure, but it turned out okay I think. Speaking of Hasbro, It'd be fun to see a Hasbro CAW set, like old school wrestlers as their Hasbro figure appearances, like recreating Rick Rude's tights, that kind of thing. Stick with Shamrock too, I'd to see an MMA twist in HCTP, have a section devoted to them, like in Fire Pro.
  5. Looking forward to it. I'd like to see a Hunter Hearst Helmsley blue blood outfit, with the Jean-Pierre Levesque base?
  6. This is art! I love the different Warriors that use Bhangra's as a base. Marty Jannetty in his singles outfit, a good shout using the oddities that no-one else seems to create, but my favourite by far is the Mark Callous one. I've already made a decent 1991 Undertaker using that as a base. All n all, good work and I'm looking forward to the WCW one if you decide to press ahead with it.
  7. If you're using a Mac, you can format your stick by opening Disk Utility and erase it and choose the Mac format.
  8. I suggest getting another memory card, format it, then copy the save file over to that one and get it on to the usb from there.
  9. Well never mind, I'll post some that I've made when I can. There's Rusev, Dean Ambrose, quite a few old schools in there.
  10. How about a few Brets to go with the Owens?
  11. I'd be okay with Medusa, and the completion of the Rockers Reunion way back when.
  12. Nice. I've just tried to replicate the tights on his Hasbro figure. Turned out alright, shame about the crotch blur thing.
  13. Ehh, I wouldn't some extra Andres in different coloured trunks, like he wore in Japan and Mexico. I'd also like to see some extra Randy Savage's in those brightly coloured tights and shirts he wore in the ring. A couple of extra suggestions, how about Rick Rude, you could go wild with those tights designs, or tag teams like the Rockers & Strike Force and the like.
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