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Ted Gordy

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    Terry Gordy
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    Hard Rock/Classic Rock
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    self-employed/stay at home dad
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    NJPW on AXS TV
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    TedGordy & Mike Hayes

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    South Jersey
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    Puroresu wrestling and territory wrestling from 1979/1986. I love playing with my son and playing with my sexy wife. :)
  1. looking to find the canvas for 1990's ajpw ring.
  2. I have a few of you CAWS and I appreciate the fact that someone makes wrestlers that aren't always made. Would like to echo the sentiment about maybe getting a few AJPW/NOAH wrestlers that haven't been made. I'm going to try and make a few myself and if they turn out well, I'll post them on CC ( I don't have any sort of photoshop skills whatsoever).
  3. I've seen your CAWS on CC and even though I don't follow the women like I do the men, you do some fantastic work.
  4. Do you plan on doing his Strong BJ partner, Yuji Okabayshi ?
  5. Ted Gordy


    Thanks Tim for puting those back up. Happy New Year!
  6. Ted Gordy

    LuchaCAW 2k19

    Fantastiv stuff. Do you happen to have a Mil Mascaras by chance?
  7. Saw one on the PS4 and was curious if someone could do better.
  8. I got both and they are outstanding. Anyway you could try Yuji Okabayashi ?
  9. Thanks to the person who made these.
  10. Looking for Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa of AJPW for the PS4. Thanks.
  11. Ted Gordy


    Hey Tim, great job as usual. Decided to do a NJPW/NOAH/AJPW universe and I was wondering if you could re-upload David Finlay & Beretta when you had a chance?
  12. so, you had to have your main account on and use another controller for the seperate account? No. Sorry, should've explained it better. On the profile I downloaded the DLC on, I went into settings>account management>activate as your primary PS4>activate. This allows you to share DLC from that profile across all profiles apparently. I tried it and it worked. Thanks.
  13. I'll have to try that. Want to have my WWWF/WCCW/UWF universe and a NJPW/NOAH/AJPW one as well.
  14. so, you had to have your main account on and use another controller for the seperate account?
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