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  1. this is my next post Damien sandow black attire trunks default black knee pads default black boots default white soles default white wrist bands both default white leave robe default that's it enjoy. now Damien red attire trunks default red kneepads Default red boots default red soles default white wristbands default white robe default enjoy Damien blue attire trunks default blue kneepads default blue boots default white soles default white wristbands default white robe default enjoy
  2. first one is brock Lesner change the color of his shorts to default black. then choose 0,0,0,0, change this if it didn't change the shorts to the correct color then do the same for his boots and gloves leave his glove design alone that's it enjoy.
  3. another thing as far as the GM Mode is imagine if they applied the cut scenes in the wwe universe when you book the rivalry matches but apply that to the GM Mode of 2007 SVR In the wwe 2k17 possible GM Mode so when you set up storylines You can watch the unfold in cutscenes
  4. thanks I would appreciate it I have a question is the figures on a ps4 the same as a Xbox 360 because that is the system I have
  5. what about DDP current move set from when he was in wwe no video though I would like it to be typed out.
  6. anther bug when the announcer talks to announce the titles I will play for the wwe championship 01 but the announcer will say the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the ecw hardcore championship that one bug needs to be fixed
  7. take a look at my caw collections in the community's creations section my gamer tag is yugimoto27
  8. I am looking for a booker t caw formula typed out here in the forums I need a king booker attire I have looked for a booker t or king booker all over the community's creations and all they have is the Harlem Heat booker t please help
  9. I wish the would add the my career mode to previous gen platforms and add the 2007 aspect of general manager mode to both previous gens and next gens.
  10. jefferygalusha0


    What do you guys think do you think that batista should come back to wwe and face brock lesner at wrestlemania please lemme know what you think
  11. this is my first caw a cm punk caw for wwe 2k15 for xbox 360 first select preset cm punk face then go to trunks then select the default white trunks then select the default black color, then trunks design then select the cm punk star design then color it whatever you want I chose black. then go to upper body select hands then go to the long white arm tape select the preset white. then go to knee pads select knee pads 1 color black. then go to the boots and kick pads and select the long kickpads that reach up to his knees then color that default black if you don't like it pick whichever color you want. then for his logos select upper body and then hands and click on the replace button on the long wrist tape you just previously picked then select logos pick the thin x logo select both hands then move it over once the go to horizontal 5 times and vertical 5 times then go to arms and select elbow pads then put it on the left elbow color default white pick elbow pad 1. then go to finalize pick whatever signs you want I put cm punks signs then attributes I put every thing all the way up. then abilities I put springboard, outside dive, leverage pin, and come back use superstar comeback. then bio is all default except for announcer put c m punks then cmp@wwe for social, finally put entrance cmpunk and moves cm punk and there you go enjoy.
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