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  1. Are the Liberty Girls faces or heels?

    What entrances, theme songs and movesets do they have?

    What are their overall Power Levels?

    You left those out in SVR 2006. Can you let me and anyone who uses them know? Thanks.

  2. I’m loving all these Original CAWs on SVR06 and need to know more. Whoever invented the Liberty Girls (Amber, Crystal, Danielle, Rebecca and Tiffany) can reply to this message. Are they faces or heels? Do they have a theme song? Whate are the power ratings, entrances and movesets of all the Liberty Girls? To the submitter Marlon, who is the Rap Master? What do they look like? The moveset won’t be much help without the info on the CAW anyway, Marlon. So far, my inquiry are into those characters. When more come up, I’ll notify all involved. Thank you.
  3. Loving your Clan Grey characters, but in today’s PC Era, Shadowslut just don’t fly well.

    I figured if she’s change her name to Shadowsiren, the PC Police would ease off.

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