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  1. Ah. No female CAWs in the PS4/x360 versions? I wouldn't be surprised if Feminists attack the game because of that lol. I will have to say though, I would prefer the image import method over the paint tool method for creating logos/designs. Took me a whole 5 hours to make this in the Paint Tool. The paint tool is always extremely infuriating to use, doubly-so because of how OCD I am with making images and junk.
  2. What the eff??! Why the heck did they do that for?! Without it I can't create Hurricane Helms, Tajiri, Ashley Massaro, or anyone else! :< So last gen wouldn't have an upshot over current, been said before but it was a dick move. That would make sense, especially considering CAFs are only on PS4/X360. But since those consoles ALSO don't have custom themes, it seems abit messed up to me. I don't mind not having it for ONE game, but if it ends up being a recurring thing, that might spell out problems in reception of later releases.
  3. Huh? When I noticed Create a finishers wasn't in the ps3 version, I saw create an arena in the wwe creations tab in the game. and i have the ps3 version. o.e
  4. So, I noticed I don't see the "Superstar #", "Legend #", and "Diva #" motions for the entrances. So does this means we no longer have the entrances for "(The) Hurricane", Gregory Helms, Primo Colon, Eddie Guerrero, Tommy Dreamer, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Ashley Massaro, and all the others? Because that wouldn't make sense since they have Matt & Jeff as Preset movesets. What's the point of giving us the movesets for them if we can't have their entrances? :<
  5. What the eff??! Why the heck did they do that for?! Without it I can't create Hurricane Helms, Tajiri, Ashley Massaro, or anyone else! :<
  6. I can't find custom soundtrack or custom songs for create an entrance. I have the ps3 version. I want to put Wizard's Last Rhymes by Rhapsody. It bothers me if my custom character has the same entrance music as someone else who's initially playable like Triple H and what not. And I CAN'T STAND RAP and I hate dubstep and all the other misc themes are boring and don't fit my character AT ALL. Please help. :<
  7. Aelvir

    Swiss Uppercut

    Cesaro's "Swiss Uppercut" move. On most of the sites I see it listed on (encyclopedia-wise, in particular), it is listed as "Discus European Uppercut". I say "Oh that sounds cool". So I look up the move in the game and all he does is grabs the right-side of the opp.'s head with his left hand and does a TURN-THROUGH European Uppercut. Where in the heck was that crap a discus?! A discus is spinning around / turning around 360 degrees before executing a specific attack. Case and point, Yoshi Tatsu and Masato Tanaka's Roaring Elbow being a discus elbow smash, Matt Hardy's discus punch.
  8. Less of a shining Wizard and more of a lazily done roundhouse knee. Honestly punks Shining Wizard is the only one that looks semi-decent. AJ's so-called shining really is that. And CM Punk's is a High Knee ~ Bulldog. The knee goes way too high to be a shining wizard but Punk usually one of the lower ring-ropes for leverage for some reason. But close enough I guess. :T https://youtu.be/zL5RB8RivY8?t=55s
  9. Which one the kneeling running shining wizard? And what about the roll-through clotheslines? Also, Helms' Underdog Drop isn't the Vertebreaker as he only used it from 2000 to 2002, due to its ban in the WWE/F. And Vertebreaker is a double underhook piledriver. His underdog drop has the opp. hit the mat "back-first" NOT head-first. It is also known as a Inverted Killswitch. Vertebreaker involves the opp. being upside down during the move. While as for his nderdog Drop neither him nor his opp. are upside down. it goes as follows: Overhooks his opponents arms ~ twists around 180 degrees then drops to his back.
  10. Is there any Shining Wizards? I always hated that in the last games I played Gregory Helms' shining apprentice (Called Shining Wizard in the game) was the only Shinign Wizard there, but the closest I could get to a SW was MVP's Shining Big Boot. Also, are any of Gregory Helms and Tajiri's moves in the game? Like Helm's Underdog Drop (the game labelled it as Double Underhook Drop, where he overhooks both arms, and then pivots 180° so that the opp. is facing upwards with their head pressed against the upper back, then drops down to his back, driving the back of the opp.'s head and neck into the mat.) side headlock, his Shining Apprentice, his Straight jacket sitout sleeper slam (They called it Cobra Clutch Bomb in the games) his Taunts (mny fav being where he half kneels with his fist against the mat then swings it up into the air as he stands back up), or Tajirir's Buzzsaw Rush or perhaps give back his Buzzsaw Kick? (Since they were stupid enough to remove it a several games ago, in Sv.r-2010 i think) Also, do they still have the roll-through clotheslines (Clothesline 22 in svr-2010: ie short-arm clothesline then holds rolls on the mat into another short-arm clothesline, then rolls into one more short-arm clothesline) and Enzuigiri-kick combo still in? (Enzuigiri 1 in Svr-2010, ie: a front kick to the midsection, then a roundhouse kick to the left knee then jumps into the air and does a cartwheel overhead kick to the side of the head)?
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