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  1. AkoniU

    Reece's CAW Showcase.

    Not yet. Work in progress: "The Alpha Heel" Adrian Diamond
  2. Yo bruh could you send the pics of those tat's?
  3. AkoniU

    Reece's CAW Showcase.

    Gemini & Taurus - The Agents of Anarchy Bull Barnett (aka Lance Barnett) Etanu Jason "The Rolling Thunder" Kidd
  4. AkoniU

    Reece's CAW Showcase.

    Well Karver was a thought that i crossed between Barry Windham, James Storrm, Blackjack Mulligan & others, plus cowboys are never too colorful.
  5. AkoniU

    Reece's CAW Showcase.

    The French Paradox " Adrian Marceau "The Extreme Evil" Wesley Chaos Jacob Avery "The Fallen One" Matt Black WIP "The Lone Wolf" Adrian Knoxx Sorry for the pics all taken at different moments using different methods and some are taken by a few different friends hence the different name tags.
  6. AkoniU

    Reece's CAW Showcase.

    Nope. Few things need a fixing.
  7. AkoniU

    Reece's CAW Showcase.

    Reece's first WWE2K16 caw creation, "Blackjack" Terry Lee Karver. Created by an acquaintance of mines.
  8. Yo Panama could you send me the logo's and tattoo's for terror?
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