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  1. PS3 Creations Questions First question:- Does anybody know of a decent way to create the Smackdown Women's and Tag Team Championships? I've seen decent enough logos in Community Creations but there doesn't seem to be a decent belt to put them on, unless I'm doing something wrong. 2:- The search function is totally messed up in Community Creations... has anybody seen a Rhyno with face/attire textures? I'm not too bothered about the rest of the CAW as I can do that myself. On the same note how about TJ Perkins (and the rest of the cruiserweights) and William Regal as they removed him for some bizarre reason. Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
  2. Are the title stats as messed up on ps4 as they are on ps3?
  3. In showcase I've got as far as Austin vs. Rock X7 and after the entrances it just freezes and sound cuts out after a couple of seconds. The screen isn't totally black as I can see them in their respective corners but pressing the PS button doesn't bring up the home screen so just have to turn off the system. Just keeps happening. Any help? PS3 btw
  4. For some reason at the end of a 6 man tag match in universe, after the replay just before the winning animation, I just get stuck with the spinning white wwe logo. Doing the same match in exhibition has no problem sony ideas why? Sort of hampering my progress in making all the history up-to-date
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