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  1. EAMB

    Crow's Bobby Lashley

    No need to do the tna attires as I probably have made the best tna lashley out there check my threadhttp://caws.ws/forum/topic/465823-update-charlie-haas-wip-by-kriskondor/?do=findComment&comment=10232148 but this is a great wwe version well done op Do you purposely hijack other people's posts to put over your own stuff or are you just that ignorant? Btw. Your Lashley looks like a leper.
  2. Still not entirely sure which attire to go with, so requests welcome...but here's where I am so far.
  3. Absolutely excellent. I don't even know where to begin to praise the work around the eyes and brow area, top class.
  4. I had been wondering whether to do an earlier attire or something more recent...I'll give the indy attire a shot.
  5. Still making little tweaks, but any comments/advice would be appreciated. Credit to Skunk for trunk logo and tattoo
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