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  1. A new ego boost for TK may not be a good thing but congrats to him and AEW. I like that both companies are successful
  2. Siul LXXXV

    WWE Drama

    -Ric Flair often makes it really hard for a fan to continue being a fan. I'm barely hanging on now -That bag is gone gone and probably already sold sold
  3. She was awkward and weak but she has definitely improved. Still has weird facial expressions at times but nah she good now
  4. So much potential wasted! It's not a terrible game overall but the execution in a lot of areas have been pretty off and Crystal Dynamics make themselves seen like huge asses. I think it would be best if they just stopped everything and moved on because they keep making a mess of things. Haven't played the Guardians of the Galaxy game yet but it doesn't seem great and I don't have much hype for it and they already made some questionable decisions. Maybe they can keep the game but pass it to new developers and possibly publisher like DC Universe Online, which is still actually going strong after 10 year! They should have never gotten rid of Marvel Heroes Omega
  5. Siul LXXXV

    WWE Drama

    I don't agree with Roman there but he is the best or one of the best things on Smackdown but not the only good thing. Raw has it's ups and downs while Smackdown is usually consistent in being good-great! NXT 2.0 isn't fantastic like it to be but pretty decent than I was expecting
  6. I'm still not "furious" but all this does leave a very bad taste in my mouth
  7. Oh damn. Well that explains why I haven't been able to get Iron Man and Thor past 145 and Hulk past 150 in a while
  8. I'm not furious or even mad much but it does suck though. Ugh Brian Wong or whatever probably loves that news as he mostly just makes news videos of negative shit going in gaming and he rants about it
  9. Meanie looks great! Healthy and still young looking
  10. I love TK and maybe it'll happen someday but it won't be next week and it probably will affect Rampage's ratings. Speaking of TK though, that ECW post show segment was awesome! Daniel Garcia is very solid talent! CM Punk is getting back into his groove. Lucha Bros are awesome and I'll especially never get tired of saying Fenix is f'n amazing!
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