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  1. We are lucky enough to get custom renders but hopefully we can use logos as backgrounds or at least the default in-game background so it won't just be custom renders with all black or white backgrounds
  2. Probably just routine maintenance and nothing to do with the actual game I'd course like to be wrong
  3. Kenny Omega should release new details or first look at another wrestler or something for the AEW game. Maybe that'll set a fire under 2k's ass and motivate their marketing
  4. Well that's cool and good for him!
  5. I enjoy making characters first and then going through every single thing in moves. Can be kinda overwhelming because there's so much but it's awesome and then I move onto entrances
  6. Danhausen is in AEW now or just making a few appearances?
  7. I enjoy them both but only end up checking them out like once or twice a month
  8. Damn you guys are so addicted to moves! I mean I love moves as well and especially for my original caws and favorite wrestlers but there's so much more to the game than just movesets..well at least for me there is. Pulling off moves is awesome and very important but so the rest of creation although I guess what and who you want moves for
  9. There will plenty of info and stuff shown within the next 6 weeks. If not by 2K then by players because you know there will be people getting the game early somehow like always and they'll leak everything online
  10. I'll be pre-ordering March 6 then, assuming it's the same for xbox series s
  11. Xavier Wood tweeted behind the scenes clips from the commercial shoot and it showed him and Kofi standing in front of that reveal background while being hyped up and so yeah that's likely the case
  12. Cool! Now mix in a legend and someone new for the next two days
  13. Yeah they'll probably go through the top wrestlers first. Fully expecting Roman, Seth, AJ Styles, Becky Lynch and Charlotte for the rest of the week and next week
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