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  1. I like Lil Wayne but greatest rapper of all time? Wtf!?
  2. There's a new tough enough type show on Roku!? Ok I admit I liked that Street Profits snickers commercial
  3. Cool match but meh finish. Thought it was the Steiners for a second though
  4. Oooh I like that Dragon Rey attire alot!!
  5. I always look forward to Rey's WM attires and entrances
  6. Not a fan of Awesome Truth but it is nice for them and I liked their reactions on top of the ladder
  7. So f'n over Truth being a clueless dumbass and the Cena shit
  8. Ladder tag team action is always fun for me!
  9. Ugh these damn Pretty Deadly videos always pretty damn lame
  10. Cool first look at Rhea's 2K25 attire but Becky's..not so much except for the ass cheeks
  11. Are the reports of legends such as Austin, Hogan and Taker doing something at Mania confirmed? Triple H!
  12. Chilly night there! I always really enjoy seeing live crowd shots
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