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  1. Rock had flashbacks to Goldberg in 2003 and Roman knew he goofed up!
  2. Finally watching the documentary and really is damn good! What's the status with Bo Dallas in wwe?
  3. Damn is Rhea so beautiful even with eye make up, black lipstick and baggy/big shirt. She's just awesome as well
  4. Would be really wild if Rock turns on Roman but goes ultra heel by saying he's truly the final boss by beating Cody while Cody beats Roman and thus Rock actually now is the head of the table!
  5. The only dud for me was Usos and I was hyped it! Just really disappointed in it and already forgettable
  6. Fun tag main event though and very fun night 1 WM!
  7. Oh damn really expected Cody to pin Rock and not Rock pin Cody
  8. I just realized Solo isn't there. Should as he may not be there tomorrow
  9. Is Rock still getting some cheers even when facing off with Cody? I like it
  10. Oh is that a big reason for being part time? I just assumed because he can or wants to
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