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  1. Smackdown from Jeddah along with King and Queen of the Ring? Hmm
  2. Match was alright but a nice win for LA Knight and not bad for his first WM
  3. I always enjoy Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman together
  4. Not so great first two matches but some nice moments
  5. I wouldn't be opposed to Snoop being a full time wwe commentator or at least all night
  6. When I think of "Philadelphia Street Fight", I think of Rocky V and that's not such a good thing
  7. It was too much but just glad it's over now and Drew is the new champion!
  8. I would have popped huge if Drew had gotten that win in seconds!
  9. Damn and I thought Seth went overboard last night
  10. Stephanie McMahon! She's looking really good and damn she was 8yo while at the first WM
  11. Minute Maid Aqua Frescas ad worked on me! I got a strawberry flavored one earlier at the grocery store. Pretty good actually although obviously not as great as authentic aqua frescas
  12. The preview for the "Behind The Curtain" documentary on this whole build up/story with Cody/Seth/Rock and Roman is great!
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