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  1. Flew all over my city! Lake Casa Blanca International State Park Texas A&M International University Sames Auto Arena Laredo Medical Center International Brige #2 Crossing The Rio Grande River to Nuevo Laredo (Mexico) International Bridge #2 To Laredo, TX
  2. My dude Ricochet got bamboozled twice!
  3. Ricochet needs to keep his old entrance and completely leave out the dancing! Somebody needs to upload his current attire on 2K22's community creations asap though
  4. The 8-man tornado tag was awesome and a ton of fun to me! Jeff Hardy's swanton spot was kinda ruined though because I didn't like Blade just laying on the table without getting attacked like Butcher and having his eyes open while waiting for Jeff to finally jump. Still cool though because of the brawl in the arena's lobby and the rest was great. Sting still being good in these matches have made me happy as a huge Sting mark!
  5. I was unsure if I wanted 2K and Visual Concepts to keep the license going into 2K22 but now, while I have some issues, I love the game including the gameplay! Not only do I want them to keep the franchise afterall but want the same gameplay for 2K23 with just improvements and tweaks
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if 2K removes PC from cross platform CC in 2K23
  7. My friend managed to download the 2001 Triple H and '97 HBK from WhatsTheStatus days ago and he plays with them online all the time. Last time was last night
  8. Why are 2K so against mods? Shouldn't they be happy that it would increase the game's playability with players from creators to those downloading and using the mods to play modes? Also increases Community Creations downloads/uplaods and fun. Damn if only they'd embrace mods like Bethesda! Their version of CC has mods on all platforms.
  9. Nobody is having this issue except me? I already deleted my saves but online restored everything and still nothing. I guess may be sticking to exhibition, myrise or superstar mode until 2K23
  10. Whoa! Very scary. He's blessed
  11. I still can't use any arena in universe. It keeps reverting back to Raw 2019. Been having these issues for a week now
  12. On xbox series s, there hasn't been any crashes and I can edit caws just fine. Works for a friend of mine on series s as well
  13. Was Brody King big in the indies before AEW and joining the house of black or is he more unknown?
  14. I love the game and patch updates just make things even better but there are definitely issues and so myself am very curious about the patch notes
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