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  1. I care about the roster to an extent and especially legends because I play as in-game characters but my shows in universe mode is exhibition style. I care more about caw mode and moves because I also have an original caw show and that one is set up as a full show. WWE Live Legends of Wrestling WCW(used for my original caws)
  2. Much better than Raw as usual
  3. Seth likes his long feuds. Them grudges
  4. WWE just loves being so extra and run good things into the ground
  5. I ain't a Street Profits fan but Montez Ford is definitely impressive
  6. I can never buy Sasha as being truly angry. Her pissed off/pouty faces look fake as F.
  7. I really miss the pop up powerbomb by Owens than him just doing the stunner ad a finisher
  8. I kinda wish wwe was being sponsored by the new mortal kombat movie just because. They could have a WCW Glacier collection on the wwe network/peacock
  9. Damn Paul lol it was a simple yes or no question
  10. Cesaro vs Roman isn't main eventing?
  11. Dominik should be in this match. He's part of the roster but mostly used as a manager or tag partner
  12. Cesaro going for that title
  13. Smackdown with a commentating shake up too!?
  14. The overall wwe roster does need some trimming but losing Joe and Kalisto sucks
  15. I'm expecting to see all the released wrestlers being gone but 2K adding more legends or as much NXT and NXT UK talent as possible
  16. Yeah, I really like Darby but he needs to be more than just a hardcore guy. He's solid in the ring and doesn't need to mostly rely on hardcore gimmick matches with dangerous spot, which I like those spots but not them being done all the time.
  17. Is Joe still injured and that's why he has still been commentating or wwe just didn't want to clear him?
  18. Joe sure would look nice with either world title
  19. I'm sure NJPW will make Joe a great offer while Iconics and Kalisto go to AEW. Impact may get Wesley Blake and ROH or NWA gets Tucker
  20. Oh yeah lol forgot about the Mysterios and Damian Priest. I think Bayley is too Gran Metlalik and Lince Dorado are on the NXT roster, no?
  21. Are Angel Garza and Humberto Carillo the only latinos on the main roster now?
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