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  1. I really liked Adam Page and Dark Order's entrance and makes me wonder if there's potential to change up Dark Order to something more like that with Adam Page leading. Then again..I also wonder if there's potential in Bray Wyatt possibly going to AEW and if he leads Dark Order
  2. Never thought I'd be a fan of Reginald/Reggie but I'm liking his new gimmick change and he's acrobatic af! I want to see him vs Ricochet
  3. I usually don't care about marketing because I get any wrestling game no matter what and I'll be getting this game free (saving up on Microsoft Rewards) but even I'm starting to get anxious already and especially with the game sponsoring Raw and Smackdown without even a cover art
  4. Even the leakers have been silent including the notorious bull shitters. No big rumors or leaks from social media is weird
  5. Related to 2k22? Why? I mean because Summerslam weekend is still almost a month away no?
  6. I would because I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they're starting all new from scratch with a new engine. TNA Impact was good as far as great graphics and fun gameplay with a decent short roster but the problem was the lack of moves and features/modes were bare bones that the whole game just felt like a demo. I'm not expecting a massive roster with the game going all out with features and modes but I am expecting a better execution than TNA's or Heroes Del Ring because those clearly rushed to be released and it feels AEW and Yukes know not to rush it and truly wants to develop a at least a decent fun game
  7. Clearly looks influenced by Here Comes The Pain. Which was arcade style but just not over the top like All Stars or Battle Grounds
  8. He already agreed to that and the match happened long ago now. Why would he get released and under the reasons of "budget cuts" related to that. I doubt he has held a grudge all this time and lashes out at wwe for it
  9. Luchador LXXXV

    WWE Drama

    Covid could keep getting worse until the world becomes post-apocalyptic and the anti-vaxxers along with anti-goverment/conspiracy nutcases would still be talking nonsense, protesting and post on social media if they find any wifi connection
  10. I bet 2k regrets partnering up with WWE and wishes they had just done their own original wrestling game franchise under the Take-Two or Rockstar brand. Yukes must be feeling free and unleashed if their game in development is it's own original thing. AEW's game developers probably feel preasure to also get a lot of things right and meet certain demands/requirrements by Kenny Omega, Tony Khan and crew but likely relieved that they are chill and the game is an arcade type.
  11. I stopped being a Bray Wyatt fan long ago but this release because of "budget cuts" is dumb and such a shame! I've been expecting this and so I'm not surprised but it's still a dumb ass decision like many other recent releases
  12. It won't ever happen but one new direction the franchise could go in that would truly hit differently is if only one main game was released while it becomes a live service gsme such as free to plays and mmo's in terms of getting dlc, support and updates for years. No more yearly release crunch time and the game wouldn't be too outdated!
  13. A lot of games and especially Fortnite and fighters are doing guest characters. If Epic Games(Fortnite) or a fighting game publisher wanted a guest pro wrestler and reached out to AEW or WWE..which wrestlers would you want be used and for which games?
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