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  1. It's cool having NJPW on the roku channel but why are they adding matches separately as episodes every Thursday and why do all 2020 first? Their youtube channel only has press conference interviews and a bit of highlights. To watch full new stuff, I can only do it by ppv?
  2. I haven't been into Brock for a while now but Bobby Lashley vs Brock is still a dream match for me and it being a wwe title match would be a bonus as I want Lashley to have a long dominant reign like Drew
  3. The wwe title looks good on Bobby Lashley's shoulders or waist. Matches his attire perfectly as well!
  4. I'm going to feel bad for Drew but I hope Bobby retains at Mania and goes on a dominant reign until at least Summerslam where he faces Brock.
  5. Bobby Lashley is finally wwe champ again. Damn weasel Miz!
  6. I'd look away. Getting on the table Iike that is ridiculous and she stayed squatting as if taking a dump. "And I chose Sasha Banks" whoopee!
  7. I figured Fastlane would end up being D-Bry and Edge vs Jey Using and Roman now after that ending. Unless the next match also ends in contest or DQ
  8. I really enjoyed Karion Kross vs Santos Escobar. Has was made into an even bigger badass than ever before but the most vulnerable he's been in a match as well while giving Escobar and his guys big heat as well
  9. Meh! I mean I'll probably be a good match but I'm just not a fan of their characters
  10. Really enjoying, fun and good episode!
  11. I didn't think Jey would be able to hang in solo matches but he has impressed me!
  12. Cesaro treated Seth like Hulk treaded Loki in the first Avengers movie
  13. Now I'm imagining Asuka jumping on a trampoline every day to keep in shape just in case
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