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  1. I'd look away. Getting on the table Iike that is ridiculous and she stayed squatting as if taking a dump. "And I chose Sasha Banks" whoopee!
  2. I figured Fastlane would end up being D-Bry and Edge vs Jey Using and Roman now after that ending. Unless the next match also ends in contest or DQ
  3. I really enjoyed Karion Kross vs Santos Escobar. Has was made into an even bigger badass than ever before but the most vulnerable he's been in a match as well while giving Escobar and his guys big heat as well
  4. Meh! I mean I'll probably be a good match but I'm just not a fan of their characters
  5. Really enjoying, fun and good episode!
  6. I didn't think Jey would be able to hang in solo matches but he has impressed me!
  7. Cesaro treated Seth like Hulk treaded Loki in the first Avengers movie
  8. Now I'm imagining Asuka jumping on a trampoline every day to keep in shape just in case
  9. Apollo Crews's best attire, character work and promo! Having a good match as well
  10. Heel Otis building up a streak! That is Dominik's best attire so far
  11. I'm tuning in but it won't be for her unless she's wrestling
  12. Kenny Omega vs Moxley, Street Fight, Ladder Match and Hikaru Shida defending her title interests me a lot but meh on Tag Battle Royal and Kip/Miro vs Chuck Taylor/Orange Cassidy
  13. Usually, the minimalistic marketing doesn't bother me but after 2k20's failure and 2k21 getting cancelled, they need to go all out for 2k22..THQ style!
  14. What are the highlights from tonight's show? I'm hearing good things about the main event
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