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  1. I always knew they would mess up Aleister Black but damn just..damn
  2. Jimmy's Shirt should be the #1 top seller merch! I sure want it
  3. Every feud with involving Baron Corbin is meh but Shinsuke already making this entertaining enough
  4. The match might have been his retirement match? Damn
  5. So he's just going to be in promos and segments for over a month than have any matches
  6. The entrances are now all animated instead of motion capture?
  7. Double injury? Damn I really hope he can recover well and fast as possible. I like Darby but it was time for his reign to end because there's other mid card talent as good or even better that should also get a push. Miro is finally solo and getting a championship run in AEW!
  8. Behind the scenes stuff could be great. Nice little glimpses and teases for a while before spoiling big stuff later on
  9. I'm 35yo. Which fits with me being a part timer on here
  10. I don't want to see Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso! Not because the match or story would be bad but because I don't want them going at each other after knowing how close they are. Kfabe feud or not! If Jimmy joins the chief, alright cool but if not then Jey needs to turn on Roman and reopen the Uso penitentiary together with Jimmy
  11. I miss Eddie Guerrero so much
  12. I liked the match but it really should have been on ppv to avoid commercials and they just had to have an ending like that. The push was weak and as soon as jericho landed on that padded cushion, all energy was sucked out and it was just cringe . Kinda crazy to me that wwe (main shows or nxt) probably would have done the spot much better and more realistic.
  13. Santino Inappropriate Marella
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