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  1. Hard to fairly say which is better until both come out but they're both wrestling games and so they'll both be mine on day 1. I am more excited for the AEW game right now because of the early buzz and hype but am also very curious what 2K/Visual Concepts have in development for 2K22 with this extra development time!
  2. I'm sure the IWC are going wild online with very mixed reactions about Sting in AEW but I don't feel like reading into it. All I know is it was crazy to see Sting come out to a ring on a wrestling show on TNT live in 2020 with Tony Schiavone commentating and yelling out STING! Don't know where it'll go with him next besides being someone's manager or something. Not wrestling at all or at least not full time but still could be cool to see him be an on air TV character. Plus..I'm assuming he'll be in the AEW video game!
  3. I mainly do missions on gta online and only sometimes get kicked out by the servers or something but only once and rarely by other players and I'm also usually the one with the highest rank. I still play gta online all the time hours and it's still a blast But if you're done then that's fine. To each their own. I'm on xbox one if it matters
  4. Cody and Taz's segment was awesome and don't know who Top Flight are but am really liking them! Starting to enjoy Omega again as well
  5. A year from now, there will be a new wwe 2k game on current and next gen consoles and should be a couple of weeks post launch..which means plenty of content on community creations plus some dlc!
  6. Oh damn that's awesome! There needs to be a movie Liu Kang and Kitanna pack too!
  7. I hope the current AEW roster pretty much stays the same with just new additions until the game releases. The roster is already stacked of who I want to play as plus a lot of their stuff for caws!
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