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  1. I like Dominik's first official theme even if it's a remix of Rey's
  2. The plan is for the game to be supported for years. All dlc characters, maps/locations and story expansions are suppose to be free with the only dlc behind a paywall being certain cosmetics like gear and skins
  3. I thought he had already passed away a couple of years ago but R.I.P.!
  4. That really was great and is worthy of being showcased !
  5. Interactive/QTE horror thriller game with Tales From The Crypt vibes!
  6. Sting vs Vader at Starrcade 1992
  7. Feels bad being an xbox owner sometimes. PS4 gets the beta early and now exclusive rights to Spidey even outside the PS game
  8. It's challenging, fun and it can get very intense. Very similar to Left 4 Dead
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