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  1. Story is alright but interesting with some twists. Fun though and there's many different type of missions to do, co-op or solo. I've been playing solo and went through the story. I'll do online co-op tomorrow
  2. I like seeing the characters together in the main menu with my equipped costumes!
  3. Now that's a powerbomb! Randy Orton dead
  4. Keith Lee!..They really massacred my boy from his entrance theme to ring attire
  5. Nice finish indeed. I'll give credit there
  6. I keep unintentionally looking at the fan squares to see if there's trolls. Already noticed somebody holding up a Yoshi (Super Mario) stuff animal on camera close up
  7. I have to say, I like Sasha's jacket
  8. Just tuned in and Riddle is celebrating a win. Blah!
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