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  1. Universe always has shitty booking and so I just custom edit every match for every show. I've gotten back into the game and been focusing on myoriginal caws and their show (WCW)
  2. Tribal Chief > Big Dawg or at least Roman Empire This Is My Island > This Is My Yard
  3. Really curious how development is going and where it's at. 2K21 would have been releasing just a few weeks away in october or november but 2K22 is still a year away, so I'm wondering about their process and if this year's title skip is really helping 2K22 is every way and if they're utilizing the PS5/XSX dev kits as much as possible. There will probably still be releases for PS4/XBO/,Switch and PC but hopefully there's a 2nd team working on ports for those and the main focus is next gen. Curious if they have already made PC and Thunderdome arenas with logos from this year and working on caw mode or something
  4. The IC ladder match instantly be one of my favorite ladder matches but should probably see it again to make sure
  5. I really dug the tribal chief stuff! Roman is such a badass jerk, he finally got rid of the vest and Jey Uso did good! It was also nice to see Jimmy out there
  6. Cool to see dark hair Cody and Miro is in great shape!!
  7. Haven't tried the game in a long time but decided to because of the current Marvel cross over and I have to admit that I'm enjoying the game. Not just the Marvel mode stuff but in general!
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