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  1. Oh damn that's awesome! There needs to be a movie Liu Kang and Kitanna pack too!
  2. I hope the current AEW roster pretty much stays the same with just new additions until the game releases. The roster is already stacked of who I want to play as plus a lot of their stuff for caws!
  3. An important thing that is a must is a ton of moves. TNA, AAA: Heroes Del Ring, WWE All Stars and WWE Battlegrounds all have limited movements. I am expecting accurate movesets but it's going to be interesting since the roster will be smaller than the wwe2k games plus those also have a ton recycled from past games. Speaking of moves, It seems they will be animated than mo-capped, which is old school and a nice alternative to WWE 2k's moves. Hikaru Shida tweeted that they researched her moves and gave her not just any Falcon Arrow for her finisher but her's!
  4. The aki games had realistic character models for it's time on N64. I like the wwe all stars art style for it's gameplay but this doesn't match No Mercy.
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