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  1. just to clarify I screenshot these images from my ps4 I own these images
  2. Don’t you have to put the email and password in cause normally I use Twitter.
  3. You can actually screenshot the picture by using the share button on your controller. And then it will give you a option to upload on either Facebook or twitter. I hope this helps.
  4. Anything for Timothy thatcher I can’t seem to find him on the list.
  5. I need help coming up with a name for Seth rollins current stable. I can’t seem to come up with a name.
  6. Mizalike

    Undertaker Uploaded

    Search tags are: Mizalike, Themizalike, Undertaker 14
  7. Mizalike

    Undertaker Uploaded

    I liked the Mohawk Taker. @Petey_the_Clown I updated the eyes I just tattoos and he should be uploaded tomorrow.
  8. Mizalike

    Undertaker Uploaded

    Ok I’m just gonna tweak it soon thanks for the feedback you honestly been a great help.
  9. Mizalike

    Undertaker Uploaded

    this took me about two day’s to get face right hopefully everyone likes it, credit goes to @Azorthious for the tattoos textures New Updated Face Old Face: Search tags are: Mizalike, Themizalike, Undertaker 14
  10. I see now, I need to tweak his face way more I think his nose is gonna be tricky. But thanks for the feedback. I’m gonna tweak his model soon. there was another question I wanted to ask which hairstyle should I use for ministry undertaker and short haired taker.
  11. I think it’s the head shape have you got any ref pics of his head. the last two attires are in game and the ones I made are just duplicates of the caw I made I can tweak his face abit more only cause I’m not happy with but this took 2 weeks cause I just getting back into caw making again, and I wanted to celebrate undertakers career with different eras of his gimmicks. I mean his side profile is off so I need to tweak that. But other than that I’m happy. I mean I ain’t good at creating people but I’m trying.
  12. Credit goes to @GamOuZz for the face texture, I do need tattoos which is hard to get. Positive feedback please. New Face Preview URL=http://imgbox.com/3ulCyPco][/URL] Old Updated face
  13. Hi righteous any chance of making a Shad Gaspard moveset.
  14. I think I’ll go with that cause I called them the golden vigilante. But I don’t like the name.
  15. I can’t think of any names, any help would be appreciated.
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