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  1. I really hope so. It's an awesome alternative to WWE/TNA/ROH/NJPW
  2. Just started watching LU on Netflix a month ago. I'm in season 2 now. So to clarify, season 3 is the last one?
  3. Well we just found out my wife is pregnant with our second child. So that's awesome. We already have a great three year old daughter. And if that wasn't enough, we're in the process of actually buying our own house. A lot of good things but man the stress I'm under is insane lol
  4. Hopefully this Cody shit ain't true
  5. Is there a list of current wrestling podcast that are high quality and good? So far I'm only subscribed to Jerichos, Austin's and Ross'
  6. Haha the Browns are an absolutely joke. I want to see Johnny succeed so that touchdown was nice but he needs to protect the ball better. Good to see my a Packers play well too. Even without Nelson I can see them going to the Bowl. And what happened to the guy who was carted off in the Browns game?
  7. I'm from cleveland but my favorite team is the Packers. So I guess after the Packers game, Im excited to watch and see if the Browns improved at all.
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