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  1. Thank you, Probably not though to be honest. I made these just to mimic the current calendar! Was fun though!
  2. I answered my own request. If anyone wants them i've placed them here! http://caws.ws/forum/topic/479874-custom-201819-nxt-takeover-logos/?do=findComment&comment=11021843
  3. In my universe i'm trying to creating an up to date calendar before I start. I didn't really know where to put these but seeing as i made them i thought id share them with the rest of the community in case they're of any use to people.
  4. Hey guys. Any chance anyone could have a go at creating a 1024-512 logo for the upcoming Takeover: Los Angeles and Takeover: Phoenix PPVs? Ive had a go myself but mine arent very creative. I have managed to create some decent Takeove Brooklyn IV & V logos if anyone wants them! Ive also come up with a NXTreme Takeover idea and need a logo for that but can do that one myself if no one wants to create it Thanks!
  5. The link for the abilities box appears to be broken as theres just the list superstars beginning with A and no other information!
  6. Anyone know if these went up at the weekend? Of if theyre even close? Thanks!
  7. That Nixon Newell is brilliant mate, she only uploaded that attired to Instagram today so kudos on doing it so fast! One question, any possibility on doing Dakota Kai in the matching attire? Thanks for your work!
  8. This EC3 is awesome! Been waiting for an up to date one to show up. Let us know when its uploaded to CC please! Thanks!
  9. Anyyyyyyone know if Im just being a retard and theyre on there but I just cant find them?
  10. Any update on your Fish and OReilly? Looking good regardless!
  11. Was just about to say I cant believe there isnt a decent up to date ricochet on the CC...youve knocked it out the park, thats brilliant!
  12. Why does she have the black mass as her finisher? Haha! The CAW is brilliant but the move set it pretty poor! You havent given her the exploder suplex or the Samoan drop type move she was doing even before mania!
  13. I cant find your CCK on CC anymore? Are they still there?
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