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  1. This really looks great. Id love at least one of the attires be from WCW, maybe a Four Horsemen attire. No one has really tackled him from then.
  2. Ah, couldnt remember if he did or not. But he looked good. It was the first NXT show Ive been to and the card was pretty stacked. Really enjoyed it.
  3. Lars did have a giant knee brace on but he wrestled.
  4. Speaking of Dijak, just go home from an NXT live event and he faced Lars. Lars won, of course, but Dijak was still impressive. And, yep, its Chris now.
  5. Thornsley


    Its the correct location for your post.
  6. This may have been answered previously but I have a question about Undertakers entrance. When I create alt attires for 91/98/99 Taker, the alt attires will just enter to random Taker entrances. What I mean is, an attire I made for 99 Taker will come out to 91 or 98 music and tron or any combination of the two. So, if I change the settings to 99 Taker in create mode, will the default 91 and 98 entrances be changed also or will they stay the same?
  7. Superstar Billy Graham would be at the top of my list! I'd also like to see Wild Samoans, Bruno, Backlund, and I'd love the Powers of Pain. KRad made a great Powers of Pain but their logos are all glitched. More than two, I know. Just throwing ideas out there. Love your legends, man!
  8. Excellent work being done here, Tim! Piper is fantastic!
  9. Studd turned out great! I'm really digging the recent shift to legends. Any chance of '85ish Piper and Orton down the line?
  10. Wow, I love that Ventura! Do you have any other oldschool legends planned?
  11. Rell, your Ultimate Warrior... so much better than the in-game model! Thank you.
  12. Great work! Scott's tattoos are ugly as hell, but you guys replicated them perfectly!
  13. These are Great! My WCW universe has been in dire need of the Steiner Brothers. Any possibility of an early 90s look?
  14. Holy moly. Give the guy a break. He puts out amazing work, that he makes in his free time, that we all get to enjoy due to his generosity and sharing with us. I'm sure when he releases his updated Kenny, you'll find that it was well worth the wait. Be patient.
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