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  1. Today I learned Zelina Vega is Amazing Red's cousin.
  2. Gang Beasts. Been waiting a looooong time for it to come out on PS4 and it's been so worth the wait.
  3. Downloaded the Lawbreakers Beta over the weekend. Pretty fun game so far.
  4. Today I learned Marty Scurll is the new face of Topman Suits: Bonus fact - the scenes where he's in the ring on his own with the white walls is the same venue we train in with other Progress trainees even to this day
  5. I went through that for like...most of 2015-2016. I took a break from playing during that time and after that long off I managed to rekindle my love for gaming and now I'm right back on it, maybe you're just burned out for a bit?
  6. Just found this bad boy with all the games I had for it back in the day while cleaning out the spare room this weekend. That's my retro fix sorted for a while.
  7. Back on that Destiny hype. Shaking off the rust before Destiny 2 comes out.
  8. Just bought an Xbox One S so my weekend's been spent split between Halo 5 and Forza 3.
  9. TIL Rey Mysterio's son Dominic is training to be a professional wrestler.
  10. Went out to buy a gaming headset yesterday. Ended up finding a bundle deal for an Xbox One S, Forza 3, Gears of War 4, Halo 5, a headset and two controllers for £250. All of that is usually £475 in store but it was a one day only deal.
  11. Mario Kart as soon as I get home from work
  12. Breath of the Wild. Still. I refuse to start the last mission until I've done Literally everything else there is to do in the game. Over 90 hours strong so far.
  13. TIL Brock Lesnar was used as a model for the Armored Titan in Attack on Titan.
  14. Just bought a new TV set up for my room for the first time in around 10 years. Went from a beat up 28 inch outdated one to a crisp, new 46 inch ultra hd setup. Forgot how much of a difference a good setup makes to things like gaming, etc.
  15. Randy Orton today is as old as Batista was when he won his first World Championship at Wrestlemania 21. In fact, I didn't even realise Batista is older than Triple H.
  16. Swann & Tozawa Reigns Sami Zayn Sasha Gallows and Anderson Charlotte Neville Owens
  17. Just watched Hidden Figures. Damn good movie.
  18. I read that as "stands at 6'3" tall" and was terrified for a second
  19. I'm calling shenanigans here Creep
  20. Hulk Hogan and Big Show had a match for Memphis Wrestling in 2007...
  21. Mojo I guess... Becky Lynch Orton Nikki Crews & Kalisto with some lucha things Bliss Ascension (hoping) Miz eliminates Dean Corbin eliminates Miz Corbin eliminates Cena AJ eliminates Corbin Wyatt eliminates AJ
  22. You're our Tye Dillinger. But how do you top a Perfect 10? You get a Perfect 17.
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