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  1. Not yet, Marco, but I'm working on it. Gotta juggle all those other adult responsibilities too.
  2. There's Imgur gallery links of raw screengrabs for now. I've got photoshop open on my other monitor, and I'm actively working on getting splash images done for them all.
  3. Holy doublepost, but i finally got around to updating! Added a total of FIVE more to the top post! Check em out! Let me know what you like and what you don't, because that determines what goes up on CC!
  4. Damn this 20 images per 24 hour limit. I should have a preview of around three or four CAW's up by midnight EST. Depending on everyone's reaction, they may or may not end up on CC.
  5. It's really funny, as he has evolved over the years of me making him, he essentially mirrors Rollins at this point. Cowardly, tall, dark, and uses the pedigree. Funny how those things happen, isn't it?
  6. This logo uploading system is a pain in the ass. Why can't I just load a flash drive and import them? I mean, we can put a man on the moon, but we can't get an easy upload system? C'mon. I know, I know, it beats playing in paint tool for hours on end, or worse, using only the logos supplied to us. Coming up hopefully later today is the Dusty Rhodes to Nero Kaine's Ric Flair, Trent Davis.
  7. Welcome to the ALLIANCE WRESTLING LEAGUE showcase! Here is my ever-evolving showcase of content (this thread is specifically for superstars/divas) that I create within wwe2k16! The vast majority of these creations have long backstories, some of which date all the way back to WWF No Mercy on the n64, though some are as recent as my last game, wwe13. This is, however, the VERY first time I have uploaded and shared with the community. Granted, this first 'wave' of CAWs will likely get updates as i figure out what exactly I am doing with this new game, on this new system. Bear with me for a while! It'll get good, I promise! UPDATE: 1/17/16 Added: Stryker, Valerian Kaine, Magnus Kaine, Matt Flynn and Trent Davis NERO KAINE: Added 1/10/16 TRENT DAVIS: Added 1/17/2016 STRYKER: Added 1/17/2016 VALERIAN KAINE: Added 1/17/2016 MAGNUS KAINE: Added 1/17/2016 MATT FLYNN: Added 1/17/2016 As of 1/17/16, I'm taking a short (like maybe a day or two) break from doing CAW work to work on belts and arenas. By Thursday or Friday, however, I should have another "wave" of CAWs ready for you all! If Trent, Matt, Valerian, Magnus and Stryker all get positive reviews, they'll likely end up on CC, depending on who has more demand. As always, you can search using the tag "bigfatmatt"
  8. Love all of em, dude! Solid work this year. I'd be lying if i said at least one of them didn't end up getting downloaded on my end.
  9. Big_Fat_Matt

    KS Showcase 2K16

    Hey, KS, solid work on your two guys. The belt could use a few MINOR tweaks, specifically the bit that says "UK" as it looks a bit out of place close up. But your two guys look great. I think the colors and attires are spot on. Lets see some more! EDIT: Saw you changed the title. WHOOPS! New design looks spectacular! Keep it up!
  10. They're all looking top notch, dude. Bright and bold design work really makes them pop, without looking too "80s WWF," if you catch my drift. Definitely keep it up!
  11. I think the trunks design is solid. The overall look is minimal, but it works. I get an old school vibe off of them.
  12. Big_Fat_Matt

    3rd Base

    They look one part Team Bella, one part Baseball Furies. I like it!
  13. Thr33x, I am almost exclusively a PC gamer, as far as recent/current games go. I was going to get 2k15 on PC, but read so many abysmal things about it that I decided to wait a year. Also, the Skyrim "mod it till it breaks" adage is what keeps me on pc. That and not needing to drop $600 every 5-6 years for a new console.
  14. Thr33x, I have been mostly a lurker for the last 10 years and have been following your work since, damn, probably the early SVR days. As always, I am very impressed. You never fail to inspire me to go above and beyond with my own work (even though its not online, and I'm still on wwe13). My hat is off to you, sir.
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