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  1. Red Dead Online After watching some Wild West RP gameplay on Twitch, I've decided to hop back into the proverbial rabbit hole. Just wishing RP servers were actually a thing here on console.
  2. Very sorry for your loss... thoughts, prayers, and condolences to you & the family.
  3. Yakuza 0 I heart you and your fighting stances, Goro Majima!
  4. Ted Cruz runs off with his tail between his legs in the midst of a crisis? "Shocking" - said nobody ever.
  5. Oh, very cool... can't wait to see this Mario related content added to the game.
  6. Animal Crossing Sydney the koala replaced by Ozzie the koala on my island. XD Dead by Daylight New tome and rift cosmetics released earlier this week, also Lunar New Year offerings & items to use up.
  7. Disgusting to see, but hardly surprising. Politicians gonna politician
  8. Can't wait to see how these casts turn out upon release...
  9. You're not wrong. Also... additional thoughts and prayers going out to your father, Triset.
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