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  1. Turns out the health insurance to cover both of us won't be as expensive as I had originally thought... good stuff, indeed.
  2. Fallout 76 Time to immerse myself back into all things Appalachia... ventilate super mutants... pick some locks... the usual Fallout shenanigans.
  3. 98 bells per turnip this week... BUY! BUY! BUY! BUY!
  4. Bayonetta - Nintendo Switch Literally been years since I played the original, and since I found a copy of the original & the sequel for one price on Amazon... seemed like a no brainer.
  5. ACNH: Looking like it's about that time again...
  6. Gee, I just can't wait to see how horrible & expensive the health insurance is for us, now that my wife lost her job (with awesome health insurance) after being there 18+ years.
  7. Wish there were these Turnip Calculator & Turnip Prophet websites back when I was playing AC games on the GameCube and DS... would've saved me from many headaches.
  8. That lead up to the Dead to Me season 2 finale... wow, just wow.
  9. Too rich for my blood... they were good games, but not that good.
  10. Dead to Me - season 2 finale
  11. ACNH: Had my first bamboo sighting on a random island yesterday... time to get some bamboo growing on my island now.
  12. MLB The Show 20 A few of these Jackie Robinson moments may very well break me... or a controller... or the wall... XD
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