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    big bang
  1. I was wondering if you ever gonna come back the PlayStation side is there Thank you have a nice day
  2. I still trying to find a really good update Randy Orton could someone help me if you can I really thank you have a great day
  3. gaz would u mind doing your take on kenny omega thank you for your great keep it up
  4. Ryee is it possible you can pull off a WrestleMania Daniel Bryan on up-to-date Randy Orton I'm just asking not requesting if it's possible it's possible it's not it's not thank you for your time I love all your work you're the best Creator on this site have a great day
  5. wat i was ask is could u make ur batista please and thank you
  6. i was woundering if you could do ur batista from last year a simple request thank you and have a great day
  7. Dynomyte do you think it's possible I can request I get you to make a 2010-2011 possibly 2012 all as one Booker I like the in-game model but the body figures aren't quite right and the hair is not quite right this is just a request don't have to do it but I'm asking politely it would be very helpful and thankful thank you for your time have a great night love all your work thank you
  8. wolfgangJT are you goning to do ur bobby lashley this year not just for xbox but for ps4 also really hope you do this is a hopefull request thank you for your time have a nice day
  9. I was wondering if it was possible if you could do a up-to-date Daniel Bryan Randy Orton and Edge if you have the time it's just a request I'm not demanding thank you for your time for taking requests and thank you for your time have a nice day
  10. excuse me dyno I was wondering if you could update Your Attitude Era Edge to a modern-day Edwards short hair and if it's possible could you also do a updated Randy Orton and a short haired Daniel Bryan I really appreciate it thank you for your time keep up the great work
  11. liger sir i was wondering if you could possible do a alberto del rio wwe before he left the wwe this last time it would really be helpful love and enjoy all your work thank you for your time good sir
  12. Hello kind sir how was your holiday I am a Community member I was wondering I saw on your community page on community Creations you had the textures for Randy Orton's tattoos I was wondering if you were still going to make a Randy Orton create a superstar also not demanding I was wondering if you could also make a Batista and Daniel Bryan updated looks thank you very much I enjoy all your creations and have a good day cheers
  13. RYEE I am politely and kindly asking for a request for a GM / return or updated look Daniel Bryan since 2K is not going to give us the unfinished model they gave the PC version I'm not demanding anything this is just a request you don't have to do it I'm just asking politely or be very nice if you would do it for me but I understand if you don't want to I love all your creations and may He made me have all of them look forward to seeing if you actually do this one and if you don't no hard feelings thank you for your time
  14. could you possibly do a 2017 2018 Randy Orton I'm doing it all caw roster and I need a really good Randy Orton it would be very helpful thank you if you can do it if you can't I understand
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