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  1. It's for sure going to be the exact same model, just touched up to look retro. They really need to redo Hogan next year he's so distractingly large that I don't even use him.
  2. That new Rikishi driver looks so much better than the old one
  3. Interesting, thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I've seen some people talk about crashes but I'm curious if anyone knows what might be causing it? My game on PS5 suddenly started crashing constantly last night. Sometimes just browsing the menus, sometimes before a match when picking an arena. Seemed to be super random.
  5. Glorious DDT seems glitched. The gut kick to start the move never connects when I'm trying it so I can't ever hit the move.
  6. Ah, got it. I was working off memory because it's been like 3 years since I've played WWE 2k. Good to know.
  7. I wonder which Vader attire we'll get? I feel like they'd want to change it up a bit so maybe we could see the one with the full head mask he wore mostly in Japan. That would be awesome.
  8. Think we need a new "big guy" superkick for Yoko, Rikishi, and Umaga.
  9. I'm not happy about getting guys we've had in the game very recently but at least guys like Vader, Bulldog, Rikishi will finally be updated and have some new moves added as well. Bulldog has always had a terrible character model to the point where I never used him because he looked ridiculous.
  10. Damn, was really hoping for Bron. Figured he'd be a shoe-in.
  11. Really would like a running strike spear specific for Lashley. Not a huge fan of moves that require the corner set-up. Also, a middle rope Celtic cross. McIntyre used it in NXT, pretty sure Sheamus has too.
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