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  1. There's no way they originally planned on releasing it in March. I assume it was internally delayed from the original release date. Why sponsor an event 6 months out from release? That would also explain the sudden radio silence with info and the next one until January.
  2. It definitely is the most true to life the graphics have looked IMO.
  3. People keep citing Punk being in 2K15 but that was an anomaly because he played heavily into the showcase. If someone is released, don't expect them to be in the game to avoid being disappointed.
  4. That dude has been full of shit countless times just FYI. He goes back and edits or gets rid of tweets that are blatantly wrong.
  5. Rebuilt engine was likely going to happen no matter what and just a necessity when taking over from Yukes. There's nothing inherently negative about that at all.
  6. Ready for the media onslaught. Hope they do a roster reveal this year and hope they added some new legends and NXT UK guys to supement all the people we're losing.
  7. Having reps from all 3 shows would be cool. NXT deserves to have a rep on there.
  8. Really would like a running strike spear specific for Lashley. Not a huge fan of moves that require the corner set-up. Also, a middle rope Celtic cross. McIntyre used it in NXT, pretty sure Sheamus has too.
  9. I could definitely see McIntyre making the cover
  10. Anybody knowledgeable enough to match the animations up with who they belong to? Unfortunately I am not but some look familiar and some look like maybe just generic templates.
  11. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a game use "brand new engine" to hype it up and it turns out that nothing substantial was improved.
  12. Willing to wipe the slate clean and give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. The fact they showed actual gameplay shots (even briefly) this early is a great sign. The new community manager seems transparent and accountable. All good signs. Looking forward to seeing and reading more.
  13. Does sweat still work in the game? I remember someone saying one of the early patches broke it.
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