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  1. Excellent work. My NXT tag division is looking great now. Any chance you're doing the Ealy Brothers too?
  2. bigmalky


    Amazing Team Angle CAWS... Need to download them now too. I'm running out of slots haha. I know requests are a bit of a hit and miss on the forums, but is there any chance of a Val Venis or Test CAW? You seem to be hitting the nail on the head for likenesses and no one has even managed to come close on the CC yet.
  3. yeah and Shamrock Tyrant185 has an amazing Shamrock. He's got a thread on this forum, go look.
  4. Aye, it's perfect apart from the thick neck... I wish they'd have added some sliders. Not bashing your work at all, you've done a grand job with the tools 2K have given us this year. Does he look okay with the skinhead haircut too? I always add the Undertaker tribute attire from WM29.
  5. Awesome... Been looking for a really good Mosh n Thrasher. Thanks Noelster. Now all I need it a good Val Venis.
  6. Your CAWS have just added to my Attitude Era... Although, do you need any unlocked wrestlers to download them? I'm still working slowly through the list. Cheers Tyrant, excellent work. Glad I spotted your stuff on the 2K forums.
  7. bigmalky


    I can only find your Bobby Roode, Raiee. No other content shows up in the CC.
  8. HI all, I know this is a big job, but I'm currently running through the CC looking for enough really good CAWs to add to an Attitude/Ruthless Aggression era Universe and wonder if anyone has come across some excellent standard creations? I was going to compile a list and it would help if people can submit their favourites and I'll add them to the OP. It might help as a reference when people are trying to create a decent retro Universe. Hashtags would be fantastic, as I can search for them on the CC and then upload pics and credit the creators on here too. I'll be starting to post the list shortly, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  9. Chavo looks awesome. He'll go great in my RA Universe when I find some more good CAWs for it. Cheers Rell.
  10. I've been working on a 2002 Jericho, but your 99 one looks fantastic. I'll be downloading it shortly.
  11. Thanks again this year for great Cesaro attires, Jeb, and the Alexa Kruger haha. Fantastic work as always.
  12. Hi all, decided to try and do as many CAWs this year as possible for the PS4. I had a few lined up for the site before my game save got wiped... twice, but now the patch seems to have fixed it, I'm back on track and decided to start with Bad News Barrett. Wrestlers on my to do list: Hardcore Holly C.M. Punk Test EDIT: Uploaded to PS4 CC @BIG_MALKY @BARRETT Complete moveset and entrance. I'll create a second attire at some point.
  13. Thanks. Punk won't be uploaded until the issue is fixed, sorry. Ah, no problem. Looking forward to it.
  14. Can anyone please make the No Mercy attire for Corbin? I've been hunting it down on the CC and there's nothing there. Very much appreciated in advance.
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