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  1. I feel like this cash in would have been better with a story involved with in like Big E wanting revenge for what Lashey did to his New Day brothers rather than him just cashing in just because reasons.
  2. I'd be more surrprised if GM mode wasn't in in some way or form, personally I don't see the appeal of the mode so I hope that isn't the main selling point of the game like I have some fears on.
  3. Yeah Caws and arenas are broken at least on my version, still getting crashes and glitches.
  4. crazyjk4

    WWE Drama

    As much as I would like to think Cole should thrive on the main roster, I don't trust this company for second. They'd get bored of him in a few months despite how how good of a worker he is.
  5. crazyjk4

    WWE Drama

    If I were Cole I'd be running to the nearest exit looking at what they're doing to Kross at the moment.
  6. I don't have issues with delaying the game but the pressure is on 2K now there's no excuses if this game is a fail. My issue is the lack of communication and marketing. Where's the "transparency" they talked about, cause I haven't seen it since the marketing started.
  7. I'm kinda in agreement 2K19 is still good but playing it for so long has gotten boring and a bit stale. Modding helps but quite frankly I'm ready to move on.
  8. This whole thing has felt like a giant waste of time in my view. Waiting for Summerslam has felt already felt like a slog to get to, I can only imagine how the next five months are going to be.
  9. I don't see why 2K had to wait till now to announce the game is coming out later, why didn't they do it Thursday or during those 2 months of silence. Why did you go from trying to hype the game earlier in the week and have WWE talk about it constantly to saying the game isn't coming out this year see you next year. Not only that but now we're probably back to silence for the rest of the year.
  10. Would we even get the upcoming WrestleMania if the game comes out the event.
  11. An updated roster could also mean less wrestlers as we go foward tho, dlc is a complete mystery since I honestly can't think of any big or returning name you would sell for that.
  12. 19 has gotten far outdated and stale for me so the idea having to play it for another year or so is a pass.
  13. Alternate attires don't seem to have any issues too much for me either, but using two caws in a created arena is almost guaranteed to completly glitch out or just crash in genral.
  14. You must not being using creations because it glitchs, frezzes or crash on a daily basis when you do. Not to metion the broken image uploader.
  15. Didn't they say they were shutting down the servers this year?
  16. I've been done with 2k19 for months lol, after a while it gets kinda boring.
  17. I could see AEW game roster beating 2K game roster with all of the releases WWE are doing.
  18. I'm also questioning why the screenshots of Edge, why would you start a hype train just to possibly derail it.
  19. I would rather them just still be silent tbh if this the news they going to be telling.
  20. They still could have announced a delay or so before today, I'm sure they must of known beforehand that they weren't or couldn't have this game out this year.
  21. It's mostly been on Twitter where the news is coming from, as for two versions of the game I don't see it not if the PS4/X-Box 1 comes out months before the current gen versions.
  22. Not too sure, I'm even seeing some of the WWE2K Youtubers saying it's been delayed, which if so I'd ask why sponsor Summerslam at all.
  23. Yeah I'm not sure why 2k would showing off said game even if it is the cover star or pre order bonus today if itsn't coming out this year, that sounds like a bad marketing strategy.
  24. To be fair, 2k20 started late with it's marketing as well. On the other side if the game isn't coming till Wrestlemania then I'd argue that this marketing is starting a bit too early then.
  25. The hype or what very little there is for the game goes down tremendously if that's the case. We'd have to basically wait another year.
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