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  1. I always found Road to Wrestlemania to be kinda mid tbh, some were pretty good like Jericho's one I think back in 10 or 11 but a lot of the other ones were pretty forgettable. I find it funny how fans seem to flip flop on what they want most of time, after a bit of having RTW, some were wanting back a story/carrer mode back and now that we've had one for a few years now they want RTW back.
  2. I see your point, they may reboot Jade Cargill's whole character and name once debuting or so. Kairi Sane I think has a somewhat bigger chance I would think then, unless Punk comes back soon enough then my bet would on him, though to be honest Punk would make a good pre order bonus for 2K25 if 2K is thinking long term.
  3. Didn't Bray Wyatt return in October and made it in as DLC granted he was returning wrestler rather than a new debut and a bigger name, but I would still think he kinda counts. November I could see being too late unless it's a returning star who still has it's assits still in the game or so but October still seems like they could squeeze in someone if they're a big enough name.
  4. How would everyone feel about the possibility of a 40 years of WrestleMania showcase instead of just getting a single career showcase?
  5. Assuming the roster cut offs at least for DLC are around October or November if Jade, Kairi, or possibly CM Punk debuts or returns around then I think there's a good possibility of at least one of them making it as DLC. With Punk or Kairi it may even be easier since their moves are already in the game so they wouldn't have to mo-cap much move wise
  6. Not gonna lie hearing and seeing Dolph Ziggler's name kinda bummed me out a bit. Yeah they weren't doing anything with him and he's reached his ceiling with WWE but still. Emma being brought back just to be released not a full year I don't think just feels like a waste of time.
  7. Personally I thought both career stories were pretty okay, nothing too mind blowing great or anything but I did find them better than 2K22.
  8. Yeah if they're going to re-animate older moves that might need some new animations or so, then stop replacing the older version of said move. Just add it in as a second or third version of the same move rather than getting rid of the older move.
  9. It's also possible that the yearly released titles are a WWE call rather than if 2K would want yearly updates going forward. Plus if even if we did I still don't think 2K would be able to keep up with how WWE changes things on the fly most times.
  10. I think either way you look at it people would have been disappointed or not too impressed with the DLC offerings even if they had added a few lesser or somewhat known midcard names.
  11. I've gotten some glitches here and there while playing granted nothing game breaking but there's still some present plus isn't that save data glitch still in? While those glitches may end up getting fixed or not I still don't think it'll be enough to have any new players or bring anyone who's stopped playing back in. The gameplay is fun with friends or if you can find a good match online but otherwise it's lacking far too much for people not to get bored with it rather too quickly.
  12. I also enjoyed the gameplay a bit more than 2K at least when it came to playing with a friend of mine who has the game and we played over 10 or so matches. Against the AI tho it didn't really feel that much different honestly, but if you have a number of friends you can definitely have fun. I'd avoid online as I heard it's pretty bad or at least mixed as of now.
  13. To me it sounds those dates were provided from THQ. Nintendo couldn't have just pick those dates randomly. They don’t play around when it comes to dates and with their shop, but even if Nintendo did come up with those dates on the fly or whatevever, THQ or AEW had to have known about it beforehand and waited a day or two before it was meant to drop to say anything, they should have debunked it sooner.
  14. To be fair I wasn't expecting them to add back tired moves in at all at least not for 2K23 since it wasn't in the base game. I thought maybe they'd add that back in for 2K24 or so as a feature point. I've noticed that stamina seems like it's gone done in value since after 2K16 honestly.
  15. Honestly I could see 2K wanting to bring or implement some of the key gameplay elements from Fight Forever into their next few titles. I see chain wrestling coming back in some shape way or form, and I could see us having multiple finisher slots maybe not 5 but I think 3 to 4 would work.
  16. I will say that after going to a friend's house to play the game for bit, I think the game definitely nailed sound design where the moves do sound a lot more impactful, and the crowd sounds a lot more like a real crowd. If i get to play some more I'll have some thoughts about gameplay.
  17. I mean technically isn't wrestling in itself unrealistic?
  18. Oof I knew the creation suite was limted but I didn't think it was that bad. At least the gameplay sounds like it's holding up good tho I've heard it's a bit clunky at times.
  19. I'm waiting for a price drop myself honestly, while i'm sure the gameplay will be solid everything else seems a bit too bare bones for me epically as a CAW creater myself.
  20. Anything creation wise sounds like a dud tbh, Road to Elite sounds either too short or boring from what I've seen on Reddit, I've also heard that the AI is really easy and that matches are too short. To me this doesn't seem like the full price of a 70$ or 60$ game maybe 30$ or 40$ at best on discount, or after they update the game a bit. The gameplay does look fun tho and if I had the same amount of friends who watch or enjoy wrestling like they used to I could see myself having fun with this game.
  21. I did see the chain wrestling, glad that it's back in a wrestling game. Strike battles sounds cool and something I've wanted in wrestling games for a while.
  22. Yeah I'm not really seeing what makes this gameplay any different from what was in past 2K games or just past games in general. In fact it seems like some animations are from 2K games, and there's still grappling locks up which I know people hated yet I don't see anyone complaining over it in this game. I will say that I do like having more weapon options, blood on and dripping on the mat even though I think the blood amount is a bit excessive and doesn't match the blood on the body or face, and I like having more signature and finishers slots and am hoping it's something 2K could into adding.
  23. Same really, the whole marketing for this game has been real bad and since I give 2K crap for their bad marketing, this game is getting the same. I think in the end it'll be a somewhat fun or at least enjoyable game for a bit before everyone just moves on or plays less over time after a few months to a year.
  24. Hasn't title belts clipping through jackets or just going over them and some shirts been a thing since the PS2 days, I know they did try to fix it I think back for 2K17 or so but then it got messed up again.
  25. From what I've seen I don't think it is at least when it comes to tired finishers. I think the crawling pin is still in, I remember seeing it one video or so.
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