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  1. The Villain Marty Scurll ​ ​Includes 2 Attires, custom titantron, moveset and entrance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agmLphB2lR0 ​Tags: Marty Scurll ​Progress ​ZOMROX
  2. Chris Hero Complete with 2 attires, moveset, entrance, victory and custom titantron: https://youtu.be/XRdC8OZkAz0 Tags: Chris Hero Kassius Ohno ZOMROX

    Jay Lethal

    Jay Lethal Tags: Jay Lethal ROH Ring of Honor TNA ZOMROX
  4. 'Scrap Iron' Adam Pearce. Tags: Adam Pearce Scrap Iron ZOMROX ROH Indy

    PWG Arena

    Ring of Honor '15 arena Tags: PWG Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Indy Gorilla ZOMROX Gamertag is ZOMROX, find me and look for all content by creator if the tags fail
  6. Ring of Honor '15 arena Tags: ROH Ring of Honor PWG Indy ZOMROX Gamertag is ZOMROX, find me and look for all content by creator if the tags fail

    Zack Sabre Jr.

    Zack Sabre Jr. Tags: Zack Sabre Zack Sabre Jr PWG ZOMROX
  8. Right. So I was up late last night trying to do this. I've now spent about 6 hours doing nothing submission matches and I feel no better at it now than I did my first attempt. I've played many, many wrestling games including Japanese imports. I've also played many UFC games. I understand how different submissions and game mechanisms work including the one in WWE 2K16. I get it, I understand it and my strong belief is that it's not working as intended. When on the attack the bar does not move for about a second, depleting the inner circle. When it does move it's slow and unpredictable, changinf direction by itself and never moving to where you expect it to. After 6 hours of trying to "learn" how to use this I'm marking this up as bugged. In my 6 hours, I managed only two wins. After making Zack Ryder tap out to Daniel Bryan I immediately tried to the Bret Hart/Austin challenge. The match went 40mins but I got him by sheer luck of the orb appearing right next to my bar and me already moving in that direction. --- I'm actually going to issue a challenge of my own. I've seen the Youtube videos of people getting the submission system to work but why not show it in real time? Maybe everyone that's struggling will learn something. So, to anyone of you guys having absolutely no issues with this - put up a Twitch stream of you playing so we can watch you get the AI to tap live. The PS4 and XboxOne but have Twitch built in, no excuses, let's go, give us peons a masterclass!
  9. 5 Yes Locks just applied to a created superstar with stats set to the lowest. Not one submission worked. I rotate the stick to the left, the bar starts going left then does what it likes and starts going right. My thumb isnt moving right, the analogue stick isnt moving right, why is the red bar moving right? Is that a nuance I need to learn?
  10. I appreciate the time people have put in to provide these tips but the system is broken and no number of tips will fix that. I just tried the Bret vs. Austin challenge. I don't know how many matches I had but I did it for a solid 2hrs and 10mins without a single successful submission. I then tried a submission match where I was Daniel Bryan against Zack Ryder, this match lasted 20mins and then I ragequit. This is not a learning curve or a difficult system to master, this is a broken system that seemingly works for a very small fraction of the playerbase. I can escape submissions with relative ease but when on the attack my bar feels sluggish, doesn't move in the direction I ask it to and the red progress circle turns to solid blue within half a second of not making contact with thair bar forcing the submission to end. I counted 7 Sharpshooters in one match against Austin. No submit. Factor that into my 2hr 10min play time and then the Bryan vs Ryder match and thats an awful lot of submissions. I know how the system works and what I'm meant to do but it just doesn't allow me to do it.
  11. ZOMROX

    Chris Hero

    Chris Hero with two attires for the Xbox One. Tags: Chris Hero Hero PWG ROH ZOMROX
  12. So I loaded up the game today and hopped over to Community Creations to check my stats. I've now achieved Diamond Rank, awesome. However all of my uploads have vanished... sort of. I can see my uploads under the "What's Hot" section but when I select them the creators name is completely blank. If I choose "more creations by this user" I can see everything else I've made but again the creators name is blank. So they're not mine anymore but they're not anyone else's either. When I go to the Uploads tab where you see Bronze/Silver/Gold/Diamond there's nothing there. Every slot is listed as "EMPTY" - somehow nothing I've created is assigned to my username anymore. Any ideas? Just for clarification, here my 'Upload' screen - you can see my total downloads on the top right but everything is completely empty: And here's my New Day attire for Kofi Kingston which I can find under 'Whats Hot' no longer displaying any username:
  13. Tags: Miz, Mizdow, White, TLC, Attire, ZOMROX Both Miz and Mizdow on XBox Live
  14. Guys, just a quick note. Firstly I want to say thanks to everyone who's submitting pictures for their request. That's awesome and going forward I'll only be carrying out requests where pictures are included because I honestly don't have the time to sit their looking through the internet. Secondly, while I appreciate the pictures please keep in mind the sizes, alot of them are far too small. Everything I do for 2K15 I keep to 512x512 to be sure that it has the highest quality. If you're giving me a picture that's the size of a forum avatar and asking me to put it in the game it's going to look something like this when I resize it: Not particularly pretty, especially if you image what that'll look like in-game and next to non CAWs. So please, please, please try and find as large of a picture as you can. Here's a general idea of the size I'm after, it doesn't have to quite be this big but the bigger the better in terms of quality. If it's slightly smaller than that I can still work with it, it'll just look a tad more blurred (see the Undertaker picture above) Call me a snob but I really don't want to be putting my name next to poorly done logos and faces. If you can't find pictures of a reasonable size then I will unfortunately be unable to fulfil your request but there are people taking requests on these forums that will. That's their call. I hope I haven't sounded too much like an asshole.
  15. So I was having a chat with a buddy last night who mentioned something that got me thinking, I was just wondering if anyone else has thought the same. When playing through career mode on the current gen version of them you unlock clothing parts for CAW mode. These parts are generally for use only in career mode as they provide slight bonuses to stats when equipped but more importantly, the ability to unlock items for CAW mode exists in the game. The coding, the system, the way the game is built, whatever it is, it exists. With 2K outwardly stating that they have plenty of ideas for DLC content could it not be a possibility that a "CAW Mode" DLC will be released adding more to customisation? Additional body and face morphing is probably out of the question but think about it. The game has around 35 different elbow and kneepad styles, about 40 footwear choices but only around 10 hairstyles. The beard technology which was a minor selling point only exists for pre created wrestlers and CAWs are limited to stubble and there's no body hair. The cynic in me feels like the lack of hair options is a possible gateway for them to release it as paid DLC later. Probably doing something lame and calling it the 'Barbershop Pack' and throwing in Brutus Beefcake. Thoughts?
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