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  1. Upload it in the PS3 CC and I will love you forever.
  2. I have the same problem when I download certain logos from CC. I can't use any old X-Division title logos because, while they appear correctly in the save menus, I couldn't apply them anywhere because they looked like blank spots.
  3. I beg you, upload TK's to the CC too! Incredible how there are no current CAWs of him.
  4. Anyone working on an updated version of them?
  5. The faces all look terrible though, or just don't resemble his face/attire. I'll try looking more, because I can't edit faces for shit.
  6. I was following a WWE '13 formula for a Shield-looking attire CAW and noticed it used Bottoms - Piece 29 - Both sleeves up. But in WWE 2k14 it was removed, both sleeves are now down. What's a good replacement? I'm editing my CC post-split Ambrose with a Shiled attire to make reunions in my universe possible.
  7. I got a lot of conflicting informations about this. Some say disable autosaves, download, quit to XMB, start game again. Others say disable autosave, go back to the Press Start menu, press start and save. Others a mixture of both. what is the definitive way of DLing the DLC without data loss on ps3? And what is exactly the data loss? Just Universe and SS threads? Or even CAWS and teams? EDIT Also, buy in-game or from the PS Store?
  8. I've found some edits that include It's clobberin time + best in the world for the former and the samoan chants for the latter, but they also include Arena Effects, aka... Crowd reaction. As I seriously doubt overlapping crowds would sound good, is there a AEless version somewhere with the synchronized quotes? I can't access any PCs right now so I can't even try to edit them myself, it would be very appreciated.
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