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  1. "The first lady of fitness" Kia, Nelson (Energetic, and inspiring, aerobics instructor; runs a side business)- El Paso, Texas

    Showman, high-flyer, technician

    Finisher:" Heart-stopper" (Tye-breaker)


    "Little Mari" Marianna Gomez (Fiery Latina, whose mouth often lands her, in hot water) - Mexico

    brawler, high flyer, dirty

    Finisher:"The Leg up" (Rocket Kick)


    "Mistress" Sierra Night (Sultry Dominatrix Lady) - where-ever she wants

    Showman, Dirty, Submission

    Finisher: "Safe word" (widows peak)



    "The Soviet Striker" Lucia Belova (Russian Olympic level athlete, very prideful)- St. Petersburg, Russia

    brawler, technician, submission expert

    Finisher: "Dawn-Hammer" (backpack-stunner)


  2. "Majestic" Moira Newman (Tall, gorgeous lady, who brings a lot of class to the ring)- Helsink, Finland

    Technician, powerhouse

    Finisher: "The Birthright" (hook and ladder/glamslam)



    "The Ogre" Olivia Bardin (Self-proclaimed "Strongest woman in the world" , a 6'9' monster of a woman)- Moscow, Russia

    Powerhouse, brawler

    Finisher: "Drosselslem" (Chokeslam)



    "The careless creep" Bianca Norrie (non-shalant ne'er do well, only cares about getting paid) - Pheonix, Arizona

    Brawler, dirty, submission

    Finisher: "Dead Drop" (powerbomb lungblower)


    "The Honorable One" Celeste Hawthorne (English workhorse,pure mat technician. Family also has Knight lineage) Blackpool, England

    Technician, High flyer

    finisher: Code of Honor (eight second ride)


  3. Garcia new? Or was that the chick with the bad ass Mexican Flag with the skull on her shirt last year?


    <-- could easily just go to the old thread to check

    Yeah it was, she teams with Rachel and Mari.


    This is quite the ensemble of workers you have here. Are you planning on making an arena/show for them too?


    We stick to a mostly alternate WWE universe banner, though I do make some original arenas here and there.

  4. "The Anarchist" Rachel Romero - (Extremely punkish rebel, who loves brawling) - Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Brawler, Powerhouse

    Finisher:" Riot Starter" (Knee trembler)



    "The Bodacious One" Dawn Davis (Retro-Diva, who keeps it old school) - 80's

    showman, high-flyer

    Finisher: "The Chill-Pill" (whippersnapper)



    "The Virtual vixen" Adrian Mackie (Hardcore Gamer, and girl next door)- Tampa, Florida

    Technician, high-flyer

    Finisher: "Rage quit" (modified russian legsweep)



    Teresa Dunn - Philadelphia, PA

    Smash-mouth, brawler

    Finisher: " Bottom Dollar" (1916)



    Trina Garcia (cutthroat, pragmatic, and very prone to starting fistfights)

    Brawler, technical, hardcore

    Finisher: "Bloody Sunset" (Cobra clutch slam)


  5. Dag, I still like 16 Davey the best. Can't tell you what it is/was. Everything is looking good though. Harris's attire us new isn't it?


    It's mostly the same, though I used an older variant of the black/white stripes pattern, on certain areas.


    "Deadpan" Demi Walker (snarky Indie Rocker) - Augusta, Maine

    Techinician, Showman

    Finisher:" Best kept secret " (air raid siren/white noise)


    "The French Fashionista" Vivian Rose - (Very runway model -esque, detests ugly things) Paris, France

    Showman, submission, dirty

    Finisher: "Haute Couture" (Bicycle Kick)



    DJ Adani/ Yvonne Adani (coolest MC on the block, Part- time DJ) Newark, NJ

    showman, and brawler

    Finisher: "The Bass Drop " (Famouser)


  6. "The Lucha Assassin" Sylvia ( Pura Luchadora, very charismatic) - Mexico

    Showman, high flyer, technician

    Finisher:" Last Rites" (Five star frog splash)



    "The Illustrious One" Sofia Moreau (quintessential diva, very narcissistic) Blackpool, England

    showman, dirty, and brawler

    Finisher:" The Grand Finale" (Slapjack)



    "The punk queen" Rebecca Davey (Loveable goth-gal, adores her fanbase) - Leeds, England

    Showman, technician, high flyer

    Finisher: "All's well" (sit-out jawbreaker/stunner)


  7. "The Paragon of Perfection" Petra Gladwin (supermodel/actress turned wrestler) Hollywood, CA

    Showman, and high-flyer

    Finisher: "The Close-Up" (code-breaker)




    "Sweet Ole" Georgia Harris ( Southern Gal with a heart of gold...and a mean streak) - Jackson, Mississippi

    Showman, brawler, and a little bit of technique

    Finisher:" Sweet Ole Slam" (Alabama Slam)



    Sonya Cruise (brawling,mean-spirited, Afro-Punk gal) - Glendale, AZ

    striker, technician, high flyer, and rough-housing

    Finisher: "Dirt Nap" (Torture Rack Neckbreaker)


  8. "Cuteness-Personified" Rinni (Toda) - (J-pop-star-ish, hyperactive girl) Tokyo, Japan

    Showman and high-flyer

    Finisher:" Sugar & Spice" (Reverse Jumping Neckbreaker)




    "The Queen of Pristine" Veronica Price (Snobby, uptight, rich Noblewoman.) Seasonal Residences

    showman, dirty,

    Finisher: "Dessous De moi" - Beneath me - (Complete shot, paydirt)


    "The Long-Island Loudmouth" Rita Murphy (Sassy and arrogant; boisterous bruiser) Long Island, NY\

    showman, powerhouse

    Finisher: "Murphy's Law" (gutbuster drop)


    Evie the madwoman (Normally kind soul, possessed by an eldritch abomination) - edge of reality

    High flyer, dirty, unorthodox

    Finisher: "Pavor Nocturnus" (block-buster)


    Our main Women's universe belts.

    30238370507_99aeb58182_o.jpg(IC belt base credit: GolGarnet of wwe games reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/WWEGames/co...p_concept_wip/ )

    (Undisputed base credit: someone from the 2k18 servers, sorry I forget)


    Some more Cel shadedness; gonna have to use this filter for our UUDD ppv.


  9. "The exotic enchantress" Zara (Arabian Ninja Princess, Lotta mystique) - Persia

    High flyer, submission

    Finisher:" Sultan's curse" (billy goat curse)




    Jenna Jordan (fun-loving perky gal, pure babyface)- Green Bay, Wisconsin

    Striker, Technician, and High Flyer

    Finisher: "Jolly-roll" (Phoenix Splash)


    More cel shading goodness


  10. Guess I can show em' now. Sorry for the copy/paste descriptions; really hate writing.



    "The Pride of Japan" Kiyori Toda (talented Joshi-like wrestler, babyface) - Osaka, Japan

    Striker, technician, and high flyer

    Finisher: "Toda-L Annihilation" (Red Arrow), "Toda-L Submission" (Code of Silence)





    "The Latina Sensation" Nora Perez (typical spicy Latina) - Costa Rica

    Showman, technician, and high-flyer

    Finisher: " Crimson Star" ( Shooting star press), "Red Rose" (Straight-jacket neckbreaker)




    "The barbaric babe" Belle Ramsland (Norwegian powerhouse gal)- Oslo, Norway

    power style, brawler, showman

    Finisher: Tiger-bomb



    Extra shot:


  11. So if you scratch the guys, you have a bunch of new chicas in queue?


    Two a day is a little ambitious. 1 every weekday is a bit more realistic. Don't kill yourself man. I know you have all your logos primed and ready to go but still

    It's more or less the people we had in the last thread (including the late additions). Though I have turn some enhancement talents into proper stars; will have to see how the caw slottage goes. Need to keep atleast 4 slots open for the DLC people and their edits. 2k20 and above are going to be super loaded with the ladies, given who they're signing.

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