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  1. New caw entrances plus a new arena:
  2. Last batch for a while; repeating too many archetypes lol. Ignore the Daria char, kinda just a placeholder.
  3. Jossing around with a human version of Voltha (stickler for realism, I guess) Kinda made the orc/dark elf for the sake of it. GIGI sporting a new hair; mostly influenced by a reference...sort of...(don't ask)
  4. The full deal is up; works well with the Gloria Dark elf caw. https://imgur.com/a/tBGCxNF
  5. Heading back to the fantasy realm with some Orc loving...
  6. Thanks; here's everyone we've made so far: https://imgur.com/a/6W1kW0K
  7. Some more NEW OC's in action: Cathy Hollis: Teli Rossin: Gigi Stevens:
  8. Some OC CAW entrances in action:
  9. Phoebe Ryan return (formerly Phoebe Dixon); Still doing the condescending art critic thing. One I've forgot to mentioned on here for a few months; Stacy Rivera's other sister Kelly Rivera As such Jackie Rivera (Magi)'s face has been changed to reflect the changes: Working on another scrapped character, Gina Mendoza
  10. Gloria Fanucci face revamp as well:
  11. New face and body type for Jodi Quinn: Correction: Short haired, Shotzi inspired look.
  12. Working on a new default for Brandy Jackson.
  13. Dabbling with the fantasy route now: trying to approximate a look for certain Drow/Dark elf OC of mine. Gloria Dreakith ( fun fact, initially the Italian Gloria character, was supposed to be the wrestling version of her, in the WWE universe) Black Desert Online Soul Calibur 2k19 Updated version: https://imgur.com/a/m4WEJKa
  14. New match showcasing these people in action:
  15. Yeah apparently. Nother newbie coming up; Corea Drace.
  16. For now she uses the Butterfly twisting cutter.
  17. Working on an OC relative; Stacy Rivera's sister, Magi Rivera (bit of a ODB kinda chick, smashmouth style) Didn't use the Hana shirt thing, and messed with a Mia Yim face map again...
  18. More OC's from weird places; got in buying KOTOR again and made a crossover essentially. "Star Captain" Fiona Halon Initial look based on her jedi counterpart, then gear based off of Bastila's unmentionables, lol.
  19. Don't think so. Trying some new looks for Hana Shidori, based on Rebecca's Davey's run thru Sunset overdrive:
  20. Just went and referenced her; did it by hand. Couldn't really get the wording right on the bra.
  21. Tried my hand at the block body; not sure what people see in this...
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