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  1. "The southern wildcat" Connie Atwell (Hot-headed, country girl, who's always stirring up trouble) - Austin, Texas Brawler, powerhouse, showman Finisher- Dosido (Death Valley Driver) "The Racer Elite" Zoe Reynolds (Professional speedster and thrill-seeker) - Manhattan, NY Showman, high flyer, striker Finisher: " The Hot lap" (mushroom stomp)
  2. *Sigh* when you can remain anonymous... Really wish you could block people.
  3. "The Go-getter" Lisa Barnes (Very sporty and hip; a bit of a trend-setter) - Chicago, IL showman, technician Finisher: Barne-Burner (sit-out spinebuster) "The Sensational Sista" Carmine Day (Charismatic entertainer, loves the spotlight)- Miami,Florida Showman, brawler Finisher: "Day Break" (chickenwing-gutbuster)
  4. Weird captures that needed sharing; also have started some of the guys. Not sure how many I'll do. Moira witnessing last weeks RAW: When the referee is tired of your crap... Ref trying not to get sued.
  5. Madam Adelle ( Of the devious and festive sort; loves putting on a show) - Grenoble, France Showman, dirty Finisher: "Last Laugh" (eat defeat) Baroness Johari (A woman of mystique and terror, a formidable Voodoo Shamaness)- parts unknown Unorthodox style Finisher: " Sins of Samedi" (swing sit-out facebuster) "The Glamour Geisha" Hana Shidori (A mixture of Glam rocker and various joshi's) - Land of the Rising Sun showman, technician, unorthodox Finisher: "Razzle-Dazzle" (fireman's carry sidewalk-slam)
  6. "The Knockout-machine" Jasmine Rayne (Former MMA star and all around fighter) - Anaheim, CA. Brawler, powerhouse, submission expert, hardcore Finisher: "Rayne of Terror" (Gourdbuster GTS) Amber Saint-Jules (Spunky, racer gal, from down under) - Sydney, Australia (Loosely based on a char template from Forza Horizon 3) Showman, high-flyer Finisher: "Down-under bomb" (blue thunder bomb) "The Bloodletter" Amelia French (Goth-inspired Vampire; loves toying with her prey) - Parts unknown Dirty, Brawler, hardcore Finisher: "The death-wish" (mickie james ddt/girl bye)
  7. Bit of a break from the OC's, but felt like making Sakura and Samus again this year.
  8. When are you gonna put more on CC? Should be more up there; nearing the end of OC's. Quite a few are already up there, that don't have a showcase here yet.
  9. "the Yakuza Princess" Holly Jade (Woman with a colorful past, ruthless yet disciplined in the ring)- Honolulu, Hawaii High-flyer,hardcore, striker, technician Finisher: "Yubi-Tsume" (Fireman's carry head kick) "The Crazed Conspirator" Aria Stone (Rambling nutjob at times, has a few screws loose...)-Limbo Powerhouse, brawler, dirty Finisher:" Powers that be" (Argentine backbreaker)
  10. Messing round with the cutscene viewer; some backstage/pre-show notions invoked
  11. Thanks; really need cross platform CC. Thanks; Stacy actually came from a botched Gail Kim attempt (complexion was a bit off, but then just decided to make a Blasian character. Mia Yim influence hehe.) Jee Yung (Down to earth, taekwondo practitioner) - Seoul, South Korea Striker, submission expert, technician Finisher:" Killer Touch" (Rolling Kick) Lori Santos (Former soap opera darling)- Santiago, Chile technical, and dirty Finisher: "Wham Line" (K2) "The Sicilian Goddess" Gloria Fanucci (Pretentious Italian supermodel; bit of a drama queen)- Milan, Italy dirty, brawler, showman Finisher: "The Bidness" (Suplex Backbreaker)
  12. More coming soon; really like how good the renders are this year (though last year was pretty good too).
  13. "The party-starter" Crystal (Raver and hardcore party girl)- Miami, Florida showman, high-flyer Finisher: "Midnight Crash" (low-down frog splash) "The Cat's Meow" Heidi Lane (New Zealand based upstart, bit of a animal lover) - NZ Showman, high-flyer Finisher:" The Express Lane" (jumping knee lariat) Stacy Rivera (hard-kicking Blasian Beauty) - Tampa, FL High-flyer, striker, showman Finisher:" Rolling Start " (lie detector)
  14. "The Cheer captain" Cindy Adams (Happy-go-lucky cheerleader, adored by the fans)- Little Rock, Arkansas showman, high-flyer, technician Finisher:" Pom Pom Kick" (trouble in paradise) "The rule-breaker" Isabel Carter (Spoiled, rich, schoolgirl; daddy's little princess)- Queens, NY Showman, dirty, high-flyer Finisher: "The cheat-sheet" (single underhook-facebuster)
  15. Brandy Jackson (Product of the 90's; has a basketball and ametuer boxing background) - Spokane, WA High-flyer, striker, hardcore Finisher:"Peace-keeper " (back suplex slam) "The widow-queen" Eliza Black (callous, manipulator-type heel) -Aurora, Colorado technician, submission, roughhousing Finisher: "Widow's Bite" (reverse swinging neckbreaker) "The Queen of Mean" Jodi Quinn-(typical Irish lass brawler; very stiff in-ring style) Dublin, Ireland brawler, hardcore, submission expert Finisher: "Problem-solver" (one and only)
  16. Thank you; yeah wish there was cross platform CC.
  17. "The Patriot" Selina Troy (former American gladiator and powerlifter) Pittsburgh, PA Powerhouse, technician Finisher:" Stars and Stripes" (fireman's carry slam)
  18. "The first lady of fitness" Kia, Nelson (Energetic, and inspiring, aerobics instructor; runs a side business)- El Paso, Texas Showman, high-flyer, technician Finisher:" Heart-stopper" (Tye-breaker) "Little Mari" Marianna Gomez (Fiery Latina, whose mouth often lands her, in hot water) - Mexico brawler, high flyer, dirty Finisher:"The Leg up" (Rocket Kick) "Mistress" Sierra Night (Sultry Dominatrix Lady) - where-ever she wants Showman, Dirty, Submission Finisher: "Safe word" (widows peak) "The Soviet Striker" Lucia Belova (Russian Olympic level athlete, very prideful)- St. Petersburg, Russia brawler, technician, submission expert Finisher: "Dawn-Hammer" (backpack-stunner)
  19. "Majestic" Moira Newman (Tall, gorgeous lady, who brings a lot of class to the ring)- Helsink, Finland Technician, powerhouse Finisher: "The Birthright" (hook and ladder/glamslam) "The Ogre" Olivia Bardin (Self-proclaimed "Strongest woman in the world" , a 6'9' monster of a woman)- Moscow, Russia Powerhouse, brawler Finisher: "Drosselslem" (Chokeslam) "The careless creep" Bianca Norrie (non-shalant ne'er do well, only cares about getting paid) - Pheonix, Arizona Brawler, dirty, submission Finisher: "Dead Drop" (powerbomb lungblower) "The Honorable One" Celeste Hawthorne (English workhorse,pure mat technician. Family also has Knight lineage) Blackpool, England Technician, High flyer finisher: Code of Honor (eight second ride)
  20. Yeah it was, she teams with Rachel and Mari. We stick to a mostly alternate WWE universe banner, though I do make some original arenas here and there.
  21. "The Anarchist" Rachel Romero - (Extremely punkish rebel, who loves brawling) - Santa Fe, New Mexico Brawler, Powerhouse Finisher:" Riot Starter" (Knee trembler) "The Bodacious One" Dawn Davis (Retro-Diva, who keeps it old school) - 80's showman, high-flyer Finisher: "The Chill-Pill" (whippersnapper) "The Virtual vixen" Adrian Mackie (Hardcore Gamer, and girl next door)- Tampa, Florida Technician, high-flyer Finisher: "Rage quit" (modified russian legsweep) Teresa Dunn - Philadelphia, PA Smash-mouth, brawler Finisher: " Bottom Dollar" (1916) Trina Garcia (cutthroat, pragmatic, and very prone to starting fistfights) Brawler, technical, hardcore Finisher: "Bloody Sunset" (Cobra clutch slam)
  22. It's mostly the same, though I used an older variant of the black/white stripes pattern, on certain areas. "Deadpan" Demi Walker (snarky Indie Rocker) - Augusta, Maine Techinician, Showman Finisher:" Best kept secret " (air raid siren/white noise) "The French Fashionista" Vivian Rose - (Very runway model -esque, detests ugly things) Paris, France Showman, submission, dirty Finisher: "Haute Couture" (Bicycle Kick) DJ Adani/ Yvonne Adani (coolest MC on the block, Part- time DJ) Newark, NJ showman, and brawler Finisher: "The Bass Drop " (Famouser)
  23. "The Lucha Assassin" Sylvia ( Pura Luchadora, very charismatic) - Mexico Showman, high flyer, technician Finisher:" Last Rites" (Five star frog splash) "The Illustrious One" Sofia Moreau (quintessential diva, very narcissistic) Blackpool, England showman, dirty, and brawler Finisher:" The Grand Finale" (Slapjack) "The punk queen" Rebecca Davey (Loveable goth-gal, adores her fanbase) - Leeds, England Showman, technician, high flyer Finisher: "All's well" (sit-out jawbreaker/stunner)
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