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  1. Said highlighted redesigns in greater detail: Corea Drace Cathy Hollis Eliza Black alternate Jodi Quinn
  2. Some upcoming re-designs; starting messing with photoshop based beveling. Some also just have different materials : Knaira's default, Eliza Black's alt, Adrian Mackie's default, All of Cathy Hollis's and Jodi Quinn's gear.
  3. Some OC entrances via Elimination Chamber....oh and Chun Li.
  4. Will have a new post detailing this caw, Bit inspired by Faith the lioness...
  5. Alright so I finally figured (somewhat) this streaming thing; will occasionally have OC Universe streams up on twitch: twitch.tv/ponkeymasta probably will have to cut the entrance music out though:
  6. Belle also gets a face lift:
  7. Not to report, but will probably start some new men's faces. couple that new some re-tweaking. Reggie's is first:
  8. I have nonstop Avengers music playing in my head now...
  9. Lina Gallo revamp again: Two new chars: "Polynesian Princess" Sadie Tau "The Klutz" Annika Feras
  10. Angela sporting a new ring gear design.
  11. Nother Jobber turned proper superstar (sort of, still a bit of a lower card act); Daria Lopez
  12. Knaira face update - uploaded
  13. Nother one I been sitting on: Joselle ( inspired by DC's Bumblebee)
  14. Some people I hadn't showcased yet: Naruko (Japanese power lifter) Bonnie Brooks (essentially a female Thatcher; no nonsense brawler)
  15. New OC's Jamie Reed: and Lucy Nagata's enforcer, Shiyoka
  16. Vicki and another new CAW in brief action:
  17. Thanks; 2 other new characters Luchadora CrazyCat And the Street Kid, Vicki Nunez
  18. Scratch that, Teli has a new revamped face/attire:
  19. Teli Rossin new default:
  20. The final batch ( atleast for a while) Felicia Ortiz Lady (Deranged Adrenaline junkie) Shelly Parker
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