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  1. 2 minutes ago, WolfpacPrinxe said:

    It’s not living in the past. That’s how pro wrestling works and it’s supposed to be replicated in a game. Stamina plays a major part in wrestling. If it’s indeed gone, I’ll miss hitting the RKO and not going for the immediate cover because Orton is too tired and has to crawl for the cover. 

    Best to not take anything Anti says at face value; they're a tad bit pretentious.

  2. I know every one is using Buddy Murphy as a "are they still in" measuring stick, but I'm guessing the likes of Ember moon, Toni, Tegan, etc. will probably still be in. Similar to how they do every year;....least I hope they're still in.

  3. That scroll bar is pretty small; really good sign. I see a  lot of returning parts (which I'm more than okay with, considering how many parts we had in 17-19). Hope we finally get some decent 80's women's leotards in the outfits section ( tired of having to combine a shirt and underwear to get the effect; messes with logo placement).

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