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  1. For now she uses the Butterfly twisting cutter.
  2. Working on an OC relative; Stacy Rivera's sister, Magi Rivera (bit of a ODB kinda chick, smashmouth style) Didn't use the Hana shirt thing, and messed with a Mia Yim face map again...
  3. More OC's from weird places; got in buying KOTOR again and made a crossover essentially. "Star Captain" Fiona Halon Initial look based on her jedi counterpart, then gear based off of Bastila's unmentionables, lol.
  4. Don't think so. Trying some new looks for Hana Shidori, based on Rebecca's Davey's run thru Sunset overdrive:
  5. Just went and referenced her; did it by hand. Couldn't really get the wording right on the bra.
  6. Tried my hand at the block body; not sure what people see in this...
  7. Some retro's are up Georgia: Zoe Reynolds ( pre-full-on biker gimmick) Lisa Barnes (2k17 variant with a color change)
  8. Yeah her and Lee are super accurate; think they must have gotten that couple package deal, or something.
  9. Not my proudest recreate, (her cheekbones are hard to get on a caw) but eh, what can you do. Compared to how accurate her 2k20 model is, feels like I just made her stunt-double. Or her non-union Mexican equivalent...
  10. Running with some new RAWs/SD's (base logos courtesy of Simonwelf)
  11. Thinking about the prospect of retro/rookie versions
  12. Bringing back a certain hacker character...
  13. Honestly they should extend 19's server life to another year. I'd also kill to have Ripley/storm/hell coliseum/etc. in 19.
  14. Yeah luckily most of my faces are set; but I might just keep one caw slot open just to port faces, if need be.
  15. Don't know if I can do that without buying the game again. Edit: scratch that, did some research and might just be able to do that. Edit 2: Yep that worked, thanks. Edit 3: Only thing is that face ports can't work, every other logo type is fine though.
  16. So this will probably stay quite open...but I may need some help getting logos into 19 again. Just realized never showcased Angela White, so... Tag team Track and field partner of Sally Jay - from Anchorage, Alaska
  17. Another batch: https://imgur.com/a/lYMzmvn
  18. Gone and made a full album; Lol don't ask... https://imgur.com/a/gAvzK3n
  19. Eh maybe Nora, Belle, Kiyori, Jenna; one of those four.
  20. Yeah that's carmine; I'm kinda partial to the Nora ones. Lol, good to know my caws will age gracefully...most of em' anyway. No joke, this app might help me refine faces even more. Noticing some blemishes/laugh line reductions I could probably do for some characters: Said adjustments:
  21. Got a bit curious; don't give me this kinda power people...
  22. Interesting lore via Closed captioning:
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