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  1. A taste of a custom universe I'm running; very basic editing, no fancy custom commentary or entrance music (copyrights)
  2. Finally got around (more like figured out) to showcasing video matches...and probably some other things:
  3. Sinclair and Hambright faces.
  4. Starting up a men's face collage and new tag team looks for Moira/Celeste Men's showcases Abel Lagrande Aiden Huxley Alex Andres Antonio Van Howe
  5. Johari might be getting a repackaging; not really ok with the gimmick anymore. Also working on some tag team gear for Lucia and Olivia. Opinions? I think it might be a bit busy, but I kinda also like it. A purple variant is gonna be Olivia's solo gear.
  6. More pairings and some late comers. Julian and Bianca(couple) Evie and Lumir Eliza and Kaiser
  7. Some more pairing shots. Kiyori/ Isiah (husband/wife) Nora/Dario (husband/wife) Antonio/Georgia (dating) Shane/Sofia (husband/wife) Selina Troy/Reggie Atlas (couple) Miguel Vargas/ Rinni (couple)
  8. Thinking about MMC and pairings...very tempting in the next one. Erik/Belle Ramsland (bro and sis) Jermaine & Jenna (GF/BF) Veronica & Alex (wife/husband) Jeremy Tsung & Jee Yung (BF/GF) Vanessa Hawthorne/ Hayden Sinclair (couple) Roen/ Adrian Mackie (bro/sis)
  9. Thought I uploaded this one; last part of the face collage.
  10. Bit of a face/lighting test collage:
  11. Trying a new Valkyrie(marvel) based attire for Belle, given her background:
  12. Usually drawing other things, but here are some base color sketches, for some of the 2k oc's here. Also an outfit preview for Dawn Davis. Veronica Nora Dawn and new workout gear:
  13. Diego Ross sporting a new haircut this year.
  14. Still some more fellas coming...I dunno.. maybe
  15. Thanks. Face updates for a couple of people (including one I haven't introduced yet) Demi Walker, Jasmine Rayne, Nicole Raymond, Nora Perez Delilah, Sierra Night, TABBY!, Trina Garcia Lucia Belova, Belle Ramsland, Bianca Norrie, Celeste Hawthorne
  16. Re-package for Tabatha; know just known as TABBY! very influenced by Jordynne Grace
  17. Male render tests Women's universe belt rundown (base credits: Shogey, doobydoesjohn)
  18. Gettin some more of the fellas done.
  19. Kiyori re-uploaded with a new alt:
  20. "The Goofball" Tabatha Gaines (Plus size gal who's a tad bit silly)- Frankfurt, Germany Powerhouse, showman Finisher:" Ba Dum Tss" (freak accident) Nicole Raymond- Kingston, Jamaica Brawler, hardcore Finisher: Dominator
  21. Knaira the Divine (Holy warrior, who fights on behalf of the Gods) - Mount Olympus Showman, technical, high flyer Finisher:" Saint's Edict" (side effect) "The mentalist" Cynthia Blair (An expert in mind games, boosts an incredibly high intellect) - Westbrook, Maine technician, high flyer, striker Finisher: "Mind Blown" (twist cutter)
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