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  1. Finally done with my Women OC's; debating on how to showcase the last batch: Kareena Dalavi, Annika Feras, Sofia, Lady, Daria Lopez, Lindsey Meghani, and Gina Mendoza, are some of the last few (and most of them are uploaded). Here are some preview shots:





    Plus a shot with Demi Walker doing MGK's entrance, which unsurprisingly fits -


  2. Feeling a fair amount of burnout, so the uploads are probably gonna slow down a bit (Movesets take *censored*ing forever) . Though to be fair, I don't have many people left to showcase here.  3 that have gone up over the weekend and Monday:

    Gigi Miller and Dallas Gordon:



    Molly Damico


    Soon to be up in the next couple of hours , Leona Valdez:


    Will try to get to Lina Gallo and Shelly Parker... and maybe Lucy Nagata, but after that, will probably take a break, for a bit.

  3. 16 minutes ago, WNX said:

    Is it the hair causing that or it's just something that happens?

    Seems to be the hair; some of the new ones, from the default characters, do it. Other hairs are fine ;(the riveras for example) and all the old ones are too.

    Indi Hartwell Custom attire:


  4. Dolly Lovett is soon to be reuploaded , due to neck seam/outright hair removal issues; although this may just be a PC only thing, as Revelle's hair video, didn't have these.


    On Another note, Cynthia Blair, Carmine Day, Lisa Barnes, and Hana Shidori are up...but might make a third entrance video to showcase them.

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