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  1. It's great. They're both doing good for their ages. It's like 2005 all over again.
  2. HHH is in 2002 shape. I think he's bigger than he's ever been. This match is awesome pure ruthless aggression.
  3. Hopefully this match is good. I love a good story.
  4. Hopefully Asuka regains momentum. She's one of my favorite women wrestlers.
  5. Yeah. It also looks very small compared to others.
  6. I feel like Strong,O'Reilly, and Fish will be placed on 205 Live. While Adam Cole is on Raw or Smackdown.
  7. I personally don't care for The Undisputed Era as a group. I like all 4 of them though. I'm curious to see if they stay together when they're called up.
  8. Catapult finishers aren't working
  9. Ill probably go to CC first even though there won't be much creations.
  10. Me too. 2k did great this year!
  11. So I'm wondering if Jericho vs Bryan NXT 2010 is the special bonus match?
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