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  1. Don't know why it took until now for this to occur to me, but I'd love an apron soccerball kick in 2k. The best way I can think of to implement it would be just setting it up like an omg suicide dive, kinda like KO's apronbomb
  2. In regard to the Lana thing, I think what we're overlooking is that there's like a 95% chance she had her hair like that and her gear like that for the scan.
  3. I just realized Ambrose still doesn't have his Money Cilp. Throw that on the rest of the pile, I guess.
  4. Oh, before I forget, can we please get some reanimated green mist? The current animation is so slow and dated it's not even funny.
  5. With the announcement of the collector's ed stuff I guess add to the list new moves for all the people packaged within that.
  6. Harper's discus lariat either needs the spin sped up or needs to be reanimated entirely.
  7. Oh hey look, titles still go over jackets on caws and alt attires.
  8. Annoying.... Personally, I'll take a proper animation for Misawa over a proper animation for Tyler Bate, but that's just me. That and also the Clash pin would look kinda unnatural imo
  9. The kneeling rainmaker is titled "ripcord lariat 1" Where's 2?
  10. ItsHallGood


    It isn't tho. MS was way more timely in their patches with 2k17.
  11. Not screwed up. Timschel noted pre-release that it's a weakness of the game engine which doesn't allow for submissions off that. Oh, okay. Ignore me then, am stupid. I am right in saying that the new Hell's Gate from last year isn't on disc tho, right?
  12. The avalanche Captain's Hook doesn't actually work as a submission
  13. I'm surprised HHH's running high knee was never redone. It's had the same animation since 2002. I mean, it's not specifically HBK's, but the Hawkins elbow drop is perfect for HBK
  14. Wasn't he in as a rocker in Legends of Wrestlemania or was I dreaming? No. They gave him his Wrestlemania 10 attitre. I think the Rockers tights could be in CAW mode but there was no blonde haired version of Shawn in the game. Actually he was. It was an unlockable attire. Looks like a MOD to me. If it isn't then they just stuck a 80s attire on a HBK Model instead of giving him him proper blonde hair look. Not a mod. Was an unlockable alt attire.
  15. I've got some bad news for ya! Corruption rates in Atlantis is at an all time high? Pepsi Co. is shutting down? We discovered Aliens but they're lazy pricks? IT'S NOT ACTUALLY BUTTER?! Ha! I so laughed at this He didn't say anything about a running spear animation tho
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