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  1. Whyd they even bother bringing him back at all a few months back for like 2 weeks?
  2. Im a teacher, and this stuff feels impossible sometimes
  3. Im very interested in what happens now.
  4. Austo194

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, I didnt really see it with Black. I saw it with Cole a bit though.
  5. Austo194

    WWE Drama

    One time, a friend who doesnt normally watch wrestling watched the Takeover where Black fought Cole and said if he just saw them in the street he would assume theyre the most trailer park trash dudes ever
  6. Austo194

    WWE Drama

    I honestly wouldnt be that surprised.
  7. Im pretty sure if you kill yourself youll just be given another random horse. When my horse died I blew myself up because it noticed if you die before your horse itll sometimes be okay. It wasnt, my horse died, but another shitty horse showed up.
  8. RDR 3 should be about how Gavin went missing
  9. Anyone got any cool outfit combinations?
  10. Is there a way to store stuff from my satchel somewhere else? Because I dont want to get rid of anything but Im running out of room Because I dont want to sell some pelts or something because I want to save it to maybe craft something cool later. Or maybe I dont want to carry 3 of something but I dont want to completely get rid of it. I also dont know what to With animal carcasses? Am I supposed to drop them off somewhere?
  11. The best Halloween sequel, which really wasnt hard when your only competition is part 2 and maybe 4, but its pretty great. The updated Carpenter scores also pretty awesome
  12. I mean, I dont know. The trailer looked *censored*ing amazing! Not on board with the main character. I know its just a trailer, but it seems hes a straight criminal. Like, Im curious who the antagonist is. Because even in games like GTA, the antagonist is also a piece of shit. The characters arent total pieces of shit and have redeeming qualities (except Trevor, I guess). Its going to be hard to top John Marston. But, its only a trailer. Im still *censored*ing stoked to play it!
  13. It's all subjective. I thought Zombie's remakes were fine. At first, I didn't like the second one but when I watched it again this past Halloween I enjoyed it a bit more. Halloween 5, 6 and Resurrection are complete dog shit though.
  14. Is there a way to add Orton without messing up the entrances?
  15. Aside from the first one, I really liked 2 and 4. I didn't think H20 was very good. I sort of liked the remake, but didn't like it's sequel. 5 and 6 were bad, and Resurrection was pure trash.
  16. Shovel Knight, but one Tuesday rolls around it'll be WWE 2K16.
  17. That's awesome. Wish X1 could get it though ...
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