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  1. Whyd they even bother bringing him back at all a few months back for like 2 weeks?
  2. I really dont care what the DLC is if the roster turns out to be super up to date any way. They got The Fiend in, and KUSHIDA, but I feel like most others from NXT will probably already be in the base game. I wouldnt be surprised if several NXT UK people made it in either.
  3. Im a teacher, and this stuff feels impossible sometimes
  4. Im very interested in what happens now.
  5. I wish they didnt remove the collections. They couldve just moved them to the new superstar profile section. Like, if I wanted to find Jerichos or The Four Horsewomens collection, I could go to Jericho or any of the fours superstar page. As it is, Im not sure how the superstar page is supposed to be organized. They have PPVs and events and stuff in there, but itd be cool if you played the event and it played the segment or match theyre in.
  6. Austo194

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, I didnt really see it with Black. I saw it with Cole a bit though.
  7. Austo194

    WWE Drama

    One time, a friend who doesnt normally watch wrestling watched the Takeover where Black fought Cole and said if he just saw them in the street he would assume theyre the most trailer park trash dudes ever
  8. It makes ECW strange to watch. Id want to see the process of dubbing all the music to the ECW content. Im sure that took ages to do.
  9. I remember I found some videos awhile back that did trons for every legend in the game, but I cant find them anymore. They barely had any views, I dont know how I found them to begin with.
  10. Austo194

    WWE Drama

    I honestly wouldnt be that surprised.
  11. One of those extreme sky diving missions or whatever never would pop up for me after I beat the game, so I gave up the 100% thing and traded it in. Ive been trying to do the same on RDR2 but that feels almost impossible
  12. Im pretty sure if you kill yourself youll just be given another random horse. When my horse died I blew myself up because it noticed if you die before your horse itll sometimes be okay. It wasnt, my horse died, but another shitty horse showed up.
  13. RDR 3 should be about how Gavin went missing
  14. Anyone got any cool outfit combinations?
  15. Anyone got anything for Toni Storm? Or maybe custom legends ones?
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