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  1. Werent Otis, Tucker, and Murphy also supposed to be in this?
  2. Whyd they even bother bringing him back at all a few months back for like 2 weeks?
  3. I was going to get 2K20 during Black Friday, but unless a miraculous patch can fix it by then, Ill probably just hold out until around February, by then most of the DLC will be out and therell be a lot of good CAWs anyway. So far it looks like 2K20 is almost a worse copy/paste of 19 with a lot of people taken out and a few added in.
  4. Mick Foley got thrown off the top of a cell and got halfway to the back on a stretcher before wrestling another 5 to 10 minutes, and that was for real. Shane McMahon leaped off the cell (twice) and the match still kept going. The stoppage makes less sense when you consider that and whatever other evil shits happened in cell matches. They booked themselves in a corner. Its almost like what happened with Ryback at the same show years ago.
  5. Kofis Put up more of a fight in his match at Beast in the East and that was before he was a massively over WWE Champion
  6. So I noticed Hogans wall trons and stuff are, but Ill never get why they cant get in Austins or Rocks? Theyve been on while RAWs has their newish setup right?
  7. Chyna doesnt look really look like Chyna at all but at least its no WWE 12 Booker T
  8. I really dont care what the DLC is if the roster turns out to be super up to date any way. They got The Fiend in, and KUSHIDA, but I feel like most others from NXT will probably already be in the base game. I wouldnt be surprised if several NXT UK people made it in either.
  9. Im a teacher, and this stuff feels impossible sometimes
  10. Well the most downloaded CAW on Xbox right now is Thanos so who knows
  11. Im very interested in what happens now.
  12. I wish they didnt remove the collections. They couldve just moved them to the new superstar profile section. Like, if I wanted to find Jerichos or The Four Horsewomens collection, I could go to Jericho or any of the fours superstar page. As it is, Im not sure how the superstar page is supposed to be organized. They have PPVs and events and stuff in there, but itd be cool if you played the event and it played the segment or match theyre in.
  13. Austo194

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, I didnt really see it with Black. I saw it with Cole a bit though.
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